Saturday, September 24, 2011

4 Ways To Catch Up: Social Good Summit 2011

With the 2nd Annual Social Good Summit wrapped for the year, here are a few ways to get plugged in on what you might have missed.

4 Ways to Catch Up on Social Good Summit 2011

1. On Blogs

A number of blogs covered the Social Good Summit. Here are a few interesting write-ups.
2. On YouTube

Sessions are being posted to Mashable's YouTube page. Here links to a few interesting sessions and the promo video for the Social Good Summit.

Here is video preview about the Social Good Summit that sets the scene for the conference.

    3. On Facebook

    Join 7000+ fellow fans by liking Mashable's Social Good Summit Facebook page. It's a chance not only to hear from the event organizers about updates, interviews, post-Summit material---but a way to 'see who else is in the room'. Which organizations are also fans of the page and get a sense of what topics are popular with other social good enthusiasts.

    4. On Twitter

    You can find a wealth of information on Twitter using the #SocialGood tag. Here are a few tweets from our coverage of the webcast.

    September 19th (Monday) : a few tweets from Day 1 of Social Good Summit by @Innov8Social
    Watching  of keynote  conf with of  by director
    "1 billion people went to bed hungry last night" -  at   talking about food production & population growth
    role of media in doing good? 'when you tell the truth the best you can, you are doing good.' - at  Summit
    tedturner on online v. print media: faster delivery, cheaper, easier 
    Ted Turner's success formula: "early to bed early to rise, work like hell, advertise" -  at  Summit 
    RT : ''There's no white flag in my boat. We're going to keep fighting on.' - at  Summit
    Valerie Amos, UN Under-Secretary-General: 'UN is getting better at telling the story,but we need the public to share the story." 
    Good question by  "How do we take this online platform, and translate into offline tangible action?" Summit
    Great discussion w/ UN Under-Secretary  and Monique Coleman , worth the watch on from  Summit

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