Social Innovation FellowshipsWhether you are an experienced social innovator or are looking to build your skill set, a fellowship can help take you to the next level–through curriculum, mentorship, collaboration, and connecting with other talented and motivated fellows.Here is a list of 50+ fellowship programs. The first 17 or so fellowships have rolling admission deadlines. The remainder are grouped by the month the application is due.  The fellowships support social innovation to varying degrees and have varying requirements—so take a stroll and click through the links to continue your research.

You can add other social innovation fellowships in the comments section. Look for a list of start-up accelerator and incubators for social entrepreneurs here.
50+ Fellowship Programs for Social Innovators
  1. Ashoka Fellows Program. Apply anytime.
  2. Deshpande Foundation India Fellowship Program. Apply anytime.
  3. Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation. Apply anytime.
  4. Mind Trust Education Entrepreneur Fellowship. Apply anytime.
  5. Rainer Arnhold Design Fellowship Program. Apply anytime.
  6. REDF Farber Fellowship. Apply anytime.
  7. Reynolds Fellowships Harvard University.
  8. Georgetown Women’s Law and Public Policy Fellowship Program.
  9. PopTech Science and Public Leadership Fellows Program. Apply by invitation.
  10. TED Senior Fellows Program. Selected from Past Fellows.
  11. IDEO Fellowship Program.
  12. Teach for America. Multiple deadlines.
  13. Ashoka Senior Fellows & Members. Apply anytime.
  14. Ashoka Global Fellows. Apply anytime.
  15. Ashoka Social Investment Entrepreneur Fellows. Apply anytime.
  16. Ashoka Invention and Technology Fellows Program. Apply anytime.
  17. Ashoka News & Knowledge Fellows. Apply anytime.
  18. MicroEmpowering Social Innovation Fellowship. Apply anytime.
  19. MovingWorlds Institute Global Fellowship. Apply anytime.
  20. Teach for India. Multiple deadlines
  21. MacArthur Fellows Program. Apply by invitation.
  22. Aspen Institute First Movers Fellowship Program. Apply by January.
  23. MIT Legatum Center Fellowship. Apply by January.
  24. IDEX Fellowship. Apply by January.
  25. Echoing Green Fellowship. Apply by January.
  26. American India Foundation Fellowship. Apply by January.
  27. Greenlining Institute Legal Fellows Program. Apply by January.
  28. NYU Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation Fellowship. Apply by January or February.
  29. Greenlining Institute Fellowship Program. Apply by February.
  30. Engineers for Social Impact. Apply by February.
  31. City Hall Fellows Program. Apply by February.
  32. Crowley Fellowship in International Human Rights. Apply by February.
  33. Public Allies Teachers Fellowship Program. Apply by February.
  34. Stanford – NBC News Fellowship in Media and Global Health. Apply by February.
  35. Cordes Fellowship for Opportunity Collaboration. Apply by March.
  36. Global Health Corps. Apply by March.
  37. Grassroutes India Fellowship Program. Apply by March.
  38. Indicorp Fellowship. Apply by March.
  39. PopTech Social Innovation Fellows Program. Apply by March.
  40. Changing Our World Fellowships. Apply by March.
  41. Acumen Fund East Africa Fellows Program. Apply by April.
  42. Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship. Apply by April.
  43. Global Citizen Year. Apply by May.
  44. Villgro Fellowship. Apply by May.
  45. D.Light Design Fellowship. Apply by May.
  46. Rolex Awards Supporting Enterprising Individuals. Apply by June.
  47. Humphrey Fellowship Program: Journalism Fellowships. Apply by June to September.
  48. TED Fellows Program. Apply by July.
  49. Synergos Senior Fellows Program
. Apply by July.
  50. LGT Venture Philanthropy iCats Fellowship Program. Apply by July.
  51. Bluhm/Helfand Social Innovation Fellowship. Apply by July.
  52. Open Society Fellowship. Apply by August.
  53. Piramal Fellowship for Sustainable Business. Apply by September.
  54. Skadden Legal Fellowship Program. Apply by October.
  55. Kiva Fellowship. Apply by October.
  56. Buckminister Fuller Challenge. Apply by October.
  57. StartingBloc Fellowship Program. Apply by October.
  58. EmergeCA Democratic Fellowship Program for Women. Apply by October.
  59. Fuse Corps Fellowship.  Apply by October.
  60. Woodrow Wilson Center Fellowships. Apply by October.
  61. PresenTense Social Entrepreneur Fellowships. Apply by October or November.
  62. Smithsonian Institute Fellowship. Apply by November.
  63. Unreasonable Institute. Apply by November.
  64. Acumen Fund Global Fellows Program. Apply by November.
  65. Fried Frank Legal Fellowship Program. Apply by November.
  66. Soros Fellowships for New Americans. Apply by November.
  67. New Leaders Council. Apply by November.
  68. Fellowship for Women Scholar-Practitioners from Developing Nations. Apply by November.
  69. Sauvé Scholars Program. Apply by November.
  70. TEDGlobal Fellows Program. Apply by December.
  71. Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society Fellowship Program. Apply by December.
  72. Nieman Journalism Fellowships at Harvard University. Apply by December
  73. Rhode Island Innovation Fellowship. Apply by December.
  74. LeapFrog Investments Global Fellows Program. Apply by December.
  75. M121 Fellowship for Sustainable World Change. Apply by December.
  76. Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program. Concluding in 2013.

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    1. Alex Kadis
      Alex Kadis says:

      Please also add PresenTense to your list. PresenTense has 12 fellowships in 3 countries and we're looking for 140 new fellows this year. The WCJCC and Global Summer Institute take applicants from around the world. We focus on Jewish social entrepreneurs who have the passion and drive to transform their communities. Thanks Neetal!

    2. Alan Divack
      Alan Divack says:

      I would add to the list the Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program ( This program supported post-graduate education for local leaders and community activists from marginalized populations in 22 countries around the world. Although the program is ending (members of the final cohorts are beginning their degree programs) it provides a useful model for supporting community leaders and social innovators, beyond the usual suspects.

    3. AIF
      AIF says:

      Thanks for this very informative list, Neetal. We'd also like to suggest the American India Foundation's William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service in India. AIF's William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service in India provides a select group of young Americans and Indians the opportunity to work with non-governmental organizations and social enterprises for 10 months, in order to accelerate impact for marginalized and underprivileged communities in India. The Fellowship has sent over 250 Fellows to more than 150 high-impact organizations across India. We have 29 fellows in India this year, and you can read more about their experiences here:

    4. Tom Pryor
      Tom Pryor says:

      Hi Neetal – fantastic list.

      Please include the LeapFrog Investments Global Fellows program. Rolling applications – current round apply by Dec 8, 2011.

      LeapFrog Investments, the profit-with-purpose fund, is seeking outstanding and dynamic young leaders to join us as Global Fellows. It is the opportunity to work as an Investment Associate or Legal Associate at one of LeapFrog’s three global offices in Asia, Africa and Europe and advance the frontiers of financial inclusion while working daily with global leaders in impact investing.
      Rolling applications, though the current Fellowship application is due December 15.

    5. Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      thanks for the great resource. one slight observation is that some of the links provided by different individuals have wrong deadlines including some on this post.
      This could be misleading. kindly adjust accordingly.
      Once again, great resource.

    6. Aman Singh
      Aman Singh says:

      You should look at LGT Venture Philanthropy iCats Program, currently beginning the fourth class of fellows.

      LGT Venture Philanthropy supports social organizations with financial capital, access to networks and intellectual capital. As part of the intellectual capital provision, the iCats Program matches business professionals with temporary positions at social organizations to increase their organizational capacity, thus acting as “impact catalysts”.

      More at



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