Accelerator programsWith the success of Y Combinator there has been a steady rise in the number of accelerator programs available for start-up entrepreneurs. Social entrepreneurs can now seek assistance from accelerator programs specifically designed to help build cause-based businesses that generate profit and seek to operate beyond a single bottom line.
Here are a few we came across. Feel free to add others in the comments section. Also, you can find a list of 50+ fellowship programs for social innovators here.
Start-Up Accelerator and Incubator Programs for Social Entrepreneurs

1. Matter Media Entrepreneurship Accelerator.  Matter invests $50k to give four months of runway to do needfinding with customers, prototype media solutions, and build traction with an audience.
San Francisco, CA
Apply by January here.

2. CHANGE Accelerator. The CHANGE Accelerator provides needed business support to social entrepreneurs who are developing innovative solutions to unmet social needs. 
Rhode Island.
Apply by February (Newport) or April (Providence) here.

3. Startl Accelerator. Startl Accelerator is a three-month immersion into Product design, market strategy and business development for early stage learning enterprises. 
New York City, NY.
Apply by March here.


4. Tumml Urban Ventures Accelerator. Tumml Accelerator is a three-month program supporting early stage companies developing innovative urban living solutions.             
San Francisco, CA.
Apply by March here.

5. StartX Accelerator runs three times per year, takes no equity, and is aimed at propelling startup founders out of Stanford through mentors, resources, and networks. 
Apply here.

6. GoodCompany Ventures. Accelerates the growth of early-stage ventures that generate profit and have a positive social impact.
Philadelphia, PA.
Apply by April here.

7. Social Entrepreneurs of New Orleans (SENO). The purpose of the Accelerator program is to significantly accelerate an early-stage social venture’s impact and financial sustainability. 
New Orleans, LA.
Apply by April here.

8. Dasra Social-Impact. Dasra Social-Impact is an executive education program, which provides successful non profits and social businesses with transformational skills necessary to build sustainable and scalable organizations to accelerate their impact. 
Mumbai, India.
Apply by July here.

9. Praxis Accelerator Program. The Praxis Accelerator is focused on four distinct areas: mentorship & customized expertise, action-oriented education & planning, peer networking, and access to capital sources. (note: faith-based)
New York, California, Washington D.C.
Apply by July here.

10. Agora Accelerator. Agora’s Accelerator is an intensive, 6-month program designed to give outstanding small businesses poised for expansion access to the social, human, and financial capital needed to accelerate their growth. 
Apply by October here.

11. Unreasonable Institute. Accelerates the world most unreasonable entrepreneurs and their ventures. Unreasonable Institute unites 25 entrepreneurs from every corner of the globe to live under the same roof for six weeks. 
Boulder, CO.
Apply by November here.

12. Greenstart Accelerator. Greenstart focuses on cleantech companies that are expanding the use of clean energy or reducing the use of dirty energy and can validate their business model quickly. The goal is to help more than 500 cleantech startups launch more successfully over the next decade.
San Francisco, CA.
Apply by November here.

13. Imagine H20 Prize Competition and Accelerator. Imagine H20 hosts an annual competition for global water solutions with prizes of upwards of $100K. Winners of Imagine H20 join a specialized accelerator program. (note: full post here)
San Francisco, CA.
Apply by November here.

14. Hult Prize. In partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative,  thousands of college and university students pitch their social impact ideas at one of six regional events in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai, and online. The winners receive the Hult Prize–an opportunity to spend the summer at the Hult Accelerator in Boston, MA.
Boston, MA.
Apply by November here.

15. Santa Clara University Global Social Benefit Incubator. The GSBI empowers socially-minded entrepreneurs to build sustainable, scalable organizations that solve problems for people living in poverty around the world. It is a combination of online, experiential, and skill-building offerings in an eight-month program.
Apply by December here.

16. Hub Ventures. Hub Ventures is a 12-week evening program providing funding and resources to a community of 16 entrepreneurs building for-profit solutions for a better world. San Francisco Bay Area, CA.
Apply by December here.

17. Investment Accelerator Fund (IAF). The Investment Accelerator Fund (IAF) helps accelerate the growth of new technology companies being established in Ontario and positions them for further investment by angels and venture capitalists.
Ontario, Canada.
Apply here.

18. NYC Acre. The New York City Accelerator for a Clean and Renewable Economy (NYC ACRE) helps clean technology and renewable energy companies in New York City grow, advancing the City as a role model for environmental sustainability and smart growth.
New York City, New York.
Apply here.

19. Canadian Cleantech Accelerator. The Canadian Consulate will select high potential companies from Canada to grow at the San Jose Environmental Business Cluster.
San Jose, CA.
Learn more here.

20. Social Innovation Camp. Social Innovation Camp brings together ideas, people and digital tools to build web-based solutions to social problems – all in just 48 hours.
Multiple locations.
Learn more here.

21. Ogunte Make a Wave Pre-Incubator Programme. Make a Wave provides learning and co-mentoring opportunities related to women angels and impact investors to 12 women social entrepreneurs through 6 lunch-time visits. (note: for women)
London, England.
Learn more here.

22. The Impact Engine. Impact Engine is a 12-week accelerator program that supports for-profit businesses making the world a better place. It provides $20K seed funding in exchange for 7% equity. 
Chicago, IL
Learn more here.

23. Sustainability Innovation Lab at GSVlabs. Powered by the Cleantech Open, the Innovation Lab provides focused content designed to help Sustainability companies grow and thrive. 
Redwood City, CA
Learn more here.

Other lists of Accelerator Programs:List of Global Start-up Incubators [Robert Shedd]
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    1. mark roth
      mark roth says:

      Hi Neetal, has launched in the midwest as a new accelerator.

      (From the website)
      Impact Engine's 12-week accelerator program will feature the following:

      Seed Capital – $20,000 of upfront capital in exchange for nine percent of the then outstanding equity.

      Expert Network – Access to a team of seasoned professionals with relevant industry and business expertise, faculty expertise and student support provided by leading business schools Booth and Kellogg.

      Master Classes – Business strategy and development workshops led by successful social entrepreneurs.

      Collaborative Workspace – An open, creative space with supporting infrastructure for entrepreneurs to work and seek inspiration.

      Launch Day – Participants will refine their business models and hone their investor pitches such that they are investment-ready by the conclusion of the program when we give them an opportunity to pitch to a large group of angel and venture investors.


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