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Pamela RoussosThis episode of The Innov8social Podcast features an interview with Pamela Roussos, who serves as Senior Director at Santa Clara University’s Global Social Benefit Institute (known as GSBI). She will be sharing her experience and overviewing some of the key topics outlined in GSBI’s recent white paper titled “The GSBI Methodology for Social Entrepreneurship: Lessons from 12 Years of Capacity Development with 365 Social Enterprises”

GSBI is housed in the newly re-named Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship at SCU, and was founded in 2003. In its first decade, GSBI offered a ‘one size fits all’ program and today features a range of programs to meet social enterprises and social entrepreneurs where they are today, as well as they grow and scale.

Pamela herself has a deep background in working with companies in Silicon Valley and San Francisco on business strategy and go-to-market plans. She has worked in various capacities of corporations and non-profit organizations…and that’s all before she turned her full-time attention to engaging with GSBI over the past few years.

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