In this series of unique episodes, we meet Tony Loyd, host of Social Entrepreneur Podcast and CEO of Culture Shift Companies. We learn about his unique journey, path, and perspective into social entrepreneurship and why he feels it holds so much potential for the future.  And, instead of the usual interview format, in these episodes, we take a “podcaster to podcaster” approach by asking  each other questions and share our honest thoughts about everything from how we became interested in the space, to collaboration v. competition, and the importance of authenticity.

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Meet Tony Loyd

Over the past year, Tony Loyd has become a valued thinker, contributor, and facilitator of social entrepreneurship. His path and journey, spanning executive roles at large corporations to coaching leaders and entrepreneurs, along with his personal consciousness journey have led him to not only see immense value in the intersection between entrepreneurship and social impact, but also to find clarity about his role and purpose to support the movement.

His purpose? To help compassionate people gain the clarity, confidence and courage they need to commit to being a changemaker.

Tony Loyd has provided leadership to Fortune 500 and mid-size organizations for over 25 years. He has extensive experience working with senior executive leaders to direct global initiatives that align talent solutions to corporate goals. Through his innovative approaches, he has enabled his clients to achieve significant improvements in processes, productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction while reducing costs and improving bottom line results.

Tony is currently the Host of Social Entrepreneur where he spends his time with changemakers who are making an impact on the world.  Social Entrepreneur has aired over 90 episodes including interviews with Bill Drayton of Ashoka, and leaders at RSF Social Finance, Noora Health, Ogunte, and many more.

Before launching Social Entrepreneur, Tony worked with global brands such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Medtronic, Diversey and John Deere. He has conducted strategic planning, led organizational design, created talent management strategy and conducted high potential development workshops. Tony created the learning strategy and led the start-up and operation of two world-class corporate universities. Tony has directed the development of up to 120,000 personnel in sixty countries. His breakthrough ideas enabled companies to dramatically increase worldwide training participation, while transforming the training organization from a cost center to a revenue neutral operation.

Show Notes

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More About Tony Loyd & Social Entrepreneur Podcast

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  • Value Proposition: “To help compassionate people gain the clarity, confidence and courage they need to commit to being a changemaker.

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