In this episode, we meet Michkael Baker, Founder of Blue Voice Enterprises, Social Impact Multimedia Production and Creative Director of the Creative Action Center of Online Open Source Networks (CACOON). Listen to his decades-long exploration of social impact and social innovation and his systems-approach to expanding the field in meaningful ways.


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Meet Michkael Baker

Michkael Baker is a singer, performer, changemaker, and considers relates with the term poly-synthesizer, an “Artistic innovatorMeet Michkael Baker who can combine many separate elements, and design them into integrated and sustainable social systems for the benefit of humanity.”

As a community impact entrepreneur my life long vision is to participate in the transformation of local and global economic systems. In 2008 I developed my first community impact business called The Open Kitchen, a community center which brings young entrepreneurs, chefs, and farmers together in an effort to break the barriers between food production, preparation, and consumption.

Over the past 15 years he has been developing a local and global community-based economic system that augments traditional commerce with “use value” resource sharing and exchange. Use value resources are 1) time and skills of individuals, 2) community participation credits, 3) idle or unused goods, and 4) local and global currencies.

This system is taking form in the online and offline community learning center called The CACOON or the Creative Action Centers of Online Open Source Networks.

To this mission, Michkael and others are leading an effort to identify key innovators developing open source technologies, systems and businesses and j then join them together in collaboration as a cooperative community.

Show Notes

  • More about Michkael Baker
  • Blue Voice Enterprises
    • acronym: Creative Action Centers of Online Open Source Networks (CACOON)
    • value proposition: “Online and offline interactive educational platform that matches social entrepreneurs with local communities to fund and develop businesses, products and services that have wide scale social change.”
    • learn more


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