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Social Venture Circle Welcomes the NEXT Economy, with Perspectives Across the Spectrum

What happens when you bring together hundreds of impact-driven leaders, investors, and ecosystem builders to contemplate the economy of the future? You will hear about equity, inclusivity, partnership and collaboration. You may not always hear about fast food chains and scathing assessments of how much impact is actually being made. This spectrum came together at […]

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Impactathon UCLA Anderson 2019 in Partnership with The SAM Initiative

Cheers to a successful Impactathon® #11 in partnership with UCLA Anderson and The SAM Initiative! After successive rounds of pitching, $20,000 in grants were awarded to eight social enterprise teams and founders. We gave participants the challenge of ‘showing up’ as impact-driven problem-solvers. They delivered. Over two days, participants heard from incredible Impact Talk speakers […]


Listen to the Entire Season of The Impact Podcast: Ecosystem Building, Systems Thinking, and Social Impact

This season of The Impact Podcast by Innov8social takes a ‘meta’ view of the social impact space. Through a systems-level perspective, it examines the role of the social impact ecosystem builder, which is part-content creator and strategist, part-convener, and part-consultant-coach. The season includes conversations with impact media strategists and Bohem Media Fellows at Opportunity Collaboration, leaders […]


How And Why to Fall in Love with a Social Impact Problem, with Will Dayble of Fitzroy Academy

#156 How And Why to Fall in Love with a Social Impact Problem Much of ecosystem building involves understanding a system, including its gaps and opportunities. This episode features a conversation with impact-driven entrepreneur and teacher, Will Dayble. Will is the Founder of Fitzroy Academy, which creates online experiences and resources to social impact leaders […]


How to Build a Personal Ecosystem for Social Impact, with Shannon Prudhomme

#155 How to Build a Personal Ecosystem for Social Impact The popularized proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together” nods to the idea that forming a personal ecosystem can deepen and progress our work meaningfully. This episode features a conversation with social impact professional, Shannon Prudhomme. […]


How to Build a Social Impact Media Strategy

#153 How to Build a Social Impact Media Strategy How do social impact media strategists work with clients and impact initiatives? This episode, recorded live at Opportunity Collaboration, moves from concept to application. Two social entrepreneur participants of Boehm Media fellow office hours and happy hour meet with Fellows and media strategists for specific support […]