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What I have learned about courage

We don’t always connect the dots between our personal lives and career, even when things can make much more sense when we do. On this occasion of what would have been my Mom’s 65th birthday, I want to connect a few dots. Dubbed the “Indian Martha Stewart” by her friends, my Mom was always experimenting […]

Is Impact Investing Right for Your Impact Enterprise? A Perspective from Ayush Khanna, Co-Founder of LaborVoices

Is Impact Investing The Right Fit? In this season of The Impact Podcast, we have been featuring episodes that delve deep into questions of funding for social impact. if you compared the evolution of social entrepreneurship to the stages of a person, it would be fair to say that the sector has reached an adolescence. […]

Meet Jonathan Lewis, social justice activist, social entrepreneur, author, and founder of Opportunity Collaboration

Listen to the Episode   Meet Jonathan Lewis As part of our series of podcast episodes recorded live from Opportunity Collaboration in Ixtapa Mexico, this was a special episode with lifelong social justice advocate, social entrepreneur, and new author, Jonathan Lewis. Amid the setting of a bustling breakfast hall, I had a chance to catch […]

Live From Opportunity Collaboration: Interviews, Reflections, and Stories

Meet Opportunity Collaboration October 15-21, 2017 marked the 8th annual Opportunity Collaboration event that convened 400 global changemakers committed to building sustainable solutions to poverty and supporting the impact ecosystem through their work.  This gathering brought together social entrepreneurs, impact founders, impact investors, foundations, academic faculty and administration, impact media, nonprofit executives and more. Spanning […]

How to Podcast with Peter Aronson at Opportunity Collaboration

How to Podcast, Recorded Live at Opportunity Collaboration This meta ‘how to podcast’ episode came from a few conversations about the challenges, inertia, and decision paralysis that content creators can face when considering launching a podcast. It was recorded and published live from Opportunity Collaboration 2017 in Ixtapa, Mexico. The episode features a candid conversation […]