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California Senate Judiciary Votes AB 361 Forward, 4-0

Now it’s the Judiciary Committee’s Turn As you may recall, last week AB 361— the California bill that would create a new corporate form called a benefit corporation— was presented by sponsor Assemblymember Jared Huffman and witnesses (including certified B corporations, attorneys, and investors) at the California State Senate Committee on Banking and Financial Institutions. It marched forward from there with a […]

Is There a Social Innovation LL.M?

While in social innovation exploration mode, last month I reported back from an interesting conference on sustainable enterprise, in which we learned a few key buzzwords in the field.  One was the “Green MBA“—with special focus on triple bottom line accounting. Which makes me wonder, is there a parallel “social innovation” LL.M course of study? […]

B Corporation and Benefit Corporation: 3 Key Differences

If you are exploring signs of responsible business, you will likely come across the terms “B corporation” and “benefit corporation”…and while they may sound like synonymous buzzwords in social innovation, they are actually distinct concepts. Here are 3 key differences to help keep them straight: 1. B Corporation is a voluntary certification.  B corporation certification recognizes companies […]

Behind U2’s ONE Campaign, “I Am One”

I had the serendipitous good fortune of being able to attend the U2 concert in Oakland yesterday after a good friend had an extra ticket. As only of the greatest bands can do, U2 made a lasting impression on upwards of 60,000 fans. ONE campaign wrist band from Oakland U2 show, June 2011 Bono and […]

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Adeo Ressi Talks About the Founder Institute

Meet the Founder Institute I have attended two workshops hosted by the Founder Institute–a kind of accelerated startup MBA program for promising entrepreneurs–both hosted by the Institute’s Founder Adeo Ressi. From the talks I walked away feeling the passion, energy, and vision that Ressi and his team have for new entrepreneurs and budding startups. Meet […]

Who Said Corporations Have to Maximize Shareholder Wealth?

Ask any law school graduate, and they will probably tell you that Michigan Supreme Court in Dodge v. Ford Motor Co. 170 N.W. 668 (Mich.1919) did. Dodge v. Ford: A Swashbuckling Tale for Maximizing Shareholder Profit   The historic case Dodge v. Ford tells a page-turning tale of astonishing innovation, mind-blowing wealth, deep rumination, distrust, and defection. […]

the oprah effect

What do you call it when you make big life changes to “find your destiny” or “realize your true potential” or to answer a whisper that has been long-marinating? If you’ve lived in the past quarter-century of Oprah Winfrey, you may simply refer to it as the Oprah Effect. I’m always amazed when I get […]

Are We Consumers, Voters….or Both?

Walk into a grocery store these days and you will likely find that shortage of options is not an issue. Whether choosing flavors of bottled water or growing locale of a bushel of apples, you are the king, queen, and chief justice of choice.So what does that make you, me, and the billions of other […]