In this episode of the Impact Podcast,  Innov8social founder talks about her experience, meeting various leaders and entrepreneurs at Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES).  Neetal met Cheryl Yeoh, the founding CEO of Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Center (MaGIC) at GES.

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Meet Cheryl Yeoh – Founder of MaGIC

Cheryl grew up in Malaysia, and she did her undergraduate and graduate studies in the US.  She has worked on a number of startups, one of the startups that she has co-founded was reclip (acquired by Walmart). Cheryl was invited home to build and develop MaGIC, to put Malaysia on the social enterprise map.  MaGIC was launched by President Obama and Malaysian prime minister. Over the course of two years, it became the largest accelerator in Asia launching more than 150 startups.

She focussed on three main pillars at MaGIC, one was to accelerate and put startups on the global map. To accelerate startups,  she launched the MaGIC accelerator programs. The program now accelerates around 75 companies in a four month program twice a year.

Cheryl’s other goal was to educate startups about coding, digital media, marketing, data analytics. Her third goal is to expose social entrepreneurs about what is happening in global space. To enable that, she has created a partnership with Stanford university to engage those entrepreneurs, on the silicon valley culture in a two week program.

Social Entrepreneurship in Malaysia

When Cheryl returned back to Malaysia, social enterprise is not that popular. There is huge need for developing countries to focus on the social entrepreneurship movement. Lot of social entrepreneurs especially from rural areas, are compelled to solve their problems locally. Then there are people from urban areas who tend to have access to technology, money etc. MaGIC supports both these type of entrepreneurs, and they even travel to various parts of Malaysia to empower and teach them. They are being taught, on how to turn their non-profits into a profitable organizations which supports a social cause or impact. In the past two years, MaGIC has helped to define policies for social enterprises. Cheryl has travelled to Bangladesh to meet with Yunus to learn about various business models, and chose what is best for her country.

You can connect with Cheryl using the below mediums.

Connect at

Linked in :


Twitter :  cherylyeoh


In this episode of the Impact Podcast, Innov8social founder shares how Social Intrapreneurship is creating social impact within existing structures and companies. Neetal also shares 3 effective tips, on how to become an effective social  intrapreneur.

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The Go to Impact Network

Neetal feels that to be an effective social intrapreneur, you need to have a go to impact network. Being a social intrepreneur has set of objectives and responsibilities, and thinking about impact should be complementary. She feels that having a facebook page of good social network of entrepreneurs , will help you a long way. For example it could help identify a good vendor for a project or to give opinion about a new tool. Neetal also says that, actually you don’t need to know everyone in the network, but you just need to be in the right network.

Know your stakeholder

The second tip that Neetal suggests, is to know your stakeholder. If you are pitching for venture capitalist, you just need to understand where your social impact really fits in. Also she feels, that if you know your stakeholder is already doing great, in what they do in terms of social impact, the question of social enterprise or impact is unnecessary.

Story Telling

The third thing that Neetal want to bring forward is storytelling. The story that you tell about your social impact for, inviting different talent or speaker is really valuable.  It is really valuable, even if there is no audience, as it would help in prioritizing and tracking social impact. It would also help in identifying new avenues, that the leadership would love to hear about. And it always helps to bring these impact dialogues, to various stakeholders as it can become a journey on its own.

These are three effective tips that Neetal go share in this episode. Please stay tuned for more impact podcasts during this fall.

In this episode of the Impact Podcast, we get to hear about social impact in Cleantech space from Mr. Rajan Kasetty,  Executive Director, Silicon Valley Cleantech Incubator.

L.A. Cleantech Incubator (LACI) is an innovation hub for early stage clean technologies. Building on their success in southern California, LACI has established a strategic second location in Silicon Valley, under the name Silicon Valley Cleantech Incubator (SVCI).

Rajan has also served as a judge and mentor at Cleantech Open, a not-for-profit organization that runs the world’s largest accelerator for Cleantech startups. Their mission is to find, fund and foster entrepreneurs with big ideas that address today’s most urgent energy, environmental and economic challenges.

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Meet Rajan Kasetty, Executive Director, Silicon Valley Cleantech  Incubator


Rajan Kasetty has four decades of experience as an Entrepreneur, Engineer, and CEO in IT, IT outsourcing, Engineering and Design outsourcing, GIS, R&D, Manufacturing, Project Contracts, Power Systems, Industrial Equipment, Control Systems and Automation, Renewable Energy, and related services.

He set up, grew and ran engineering, R&D, consulting services and manufacturing in India, USA, Puerto Rico and Canada, in the fields of Information Technology, CAD/CAM/CAE, Engineering Services, GIS, Manufacturing, Alternative Energy, Controls and Power Systems. He also trained in, and ran R&D, in HVAC.

Prior to his current role as an Executive in Residence with Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator, based in the San Francisco bay area, he served as Co-Founder and CEO of Terrafore, pioneering R&D work in the area of high temperature solar thermal energy storage, in addition to consulting for large CSP and PV installations.

Rajan was the CEO of Infotech Enterprises America, (now “Cyient”) part of a group of companies currently with 35 global locations and more than 12,000 people. Cyient offers Engineering Design and IT services for aerospace, automotive, electronics and industrial sectors, Geographical Information Systems for utilities, transportation and governments, and IT services for businesses.

Rajan’s earlier entrepreneurial ventures were in manufacture of fasteners and pumps, design, fabrication and installation of power distribution systems, controls and production automation. He moved to California in 1999 and has served in various advisory and board positions with the City of Riverside CA, University of California – Riverside, and several business, trade and technology groups. He mentors and advises several startup ventures in the US and internationally. He served as a counselor for TriTech SBDC. He volunteers with the Clean Tech Open as a competition judge, mentor and trainer for participating startups. He has been a Faculty Director at Hult International Business School in San Francisco, directing and mentoring Action Projects of graduate Students.

Clean Tech 

Though there are numerous definitions available about clean technology, in his interview Rajan describes  cleantech as “anything that can do, that is useful to anybody, without damaging the environment or the planet”.  Rajan also believes in the amount of impact or results that these enterprises are able create, rather than their definition of social impact. As executive director at LACI (Los Angeles CleanTech Incubator), he and his team focus on metrics, including: how impact can be measured and how investments are being affected. The metrics are critical to discerning the benefit of a technology. In cleantech area, Rajan feels that sustainability or impact is easily measurable compared to other sectors.

In cleantech space, it takes a long time for companies to succeed and some such success stories are recognized through CleanTech Open competitions and programs, where Rajan is serving as Judge and mentor. There are companies in solar and lighting sector who received their initial funding through CleanTech open. The LACI has been rated as one of the top incubators by UBI among all university associated incubators. It is a $45 million dollar facility with 20,000 sq ft of make space, $5 million worth of equipments.

Show Notes

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More About LACI

  • Website:
  • Value Proposition: “LACI is the business equivalent of baseball’s farm system: it identifies local talent, nurtures it, and helps it get to market, resulting in more jobs and a bigger green economy in Los Angeles.

In this episode of the Impact Podcast, Innov8social founder unveils the plan for the upcoming fall season podcast and announces exciting details about Impactathon 2 at San Francisco.

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The Impact Podcast – Fall 2016

In this podcast, Neetal comes up with the fall season plan for the Impact  podcast. The plan is to group the upcoming podcasts as well in to seasons, this would help to spend time on recording, editing  and compiling these podcasts, so that they can all be released at once. The fall season line up has various podcasts from authors, investors, media celebrities and a number of other exciting speakers. She would love to hear your feedback, on these podcasts and how it reflects in your social enterprise or impact journey.

Impacathon 2 – The Art & Impact Edition

Neetal is excited to announce that Innov8social, will be co-hosting the half a day event along with ImpactPop. This event helps to explore impact potential, by intersecting art and impact. The event helps to engage and hear from other founders, aspiring founders, social intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, thinkers & doers in the social impact art space. Impacathon 2, is scheduled on September 18th (Sunday), at San Francisco. Who knows, you will able to find your co-founder at the event !!!

You can find more details about the event from,

Date : 18 SEP 2016
Time : 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Venue : The Church of Surf, Noriega Street, San Francisco, CA

In this episode of the Impact Podcast, Innov8social founder shares the new normal that has evolved, and the importance of  “Why” vs “How” in social impact.


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The Importance of Why v. How in Social Impact

In this podcast episode, Neetal contemplates the importance of “why” social entrepreneurship vs “how”. As many of us have watched the Simon Sinek TED Talk, where he talks about people, buying from brands and how people make decisions based on “why” rather than “how” or what.  She found this thought process, interesting and also found the same ideology in social enterprise changing lives of individuals.

The New Normal

This episode also touches on the ‘new normal’ for this website and podcast. Just like many social entrepreneurs have unique paths to realizing their vision,  Innov8social is redefining its path as well.




In this episode of The Impact Podcast, we look back at “Social Entrepreneurs & Tech For Good Startups” mixer, panel and pitch session hosted by The Expat Woman in San Francisco on May 10, 2016. It took place at a creative co-working space called “We Work” in San Francisco.

Innov8social Founder and CEO, Neetal Parekh, opened the event with a presentation covering the importance of social impact in today’s economic and entrepreneurship landscape, the impetus behind her book, 51 Questions on Social Entrepreneurship, and common questions related to legal structure, business models, and impact measurement that often arise for aspiring and active social entrepreneurs . What followed was a panel discussion with women social entrepreneurs on a spectrum of topics including finding co-founders, prioritizing & measuring social impact, fund raising, adopting a business model and more.

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Meet Sparsh

The Expat Woman

We met Sparsh at the event. He is an engineer and past past participant in Impactathon. He enjoyed the panel discussions and identified three key topics raised “women in entrepreneurship”, “social impact” and “community”. He felt that the number of women who attended the event is an indicator of the growing interest and awareness in creating social impact. Second topic is about the impact, that these entrepreneurs focus on, and what it means for them. The third one is about community, where the impact is being tied to.

Meet Amanda

Amanda was in the panel discussion. She said it was amazing, to be in the environment of woman who has the same passion and energy. It would help to affirm her goals and inspires her, to take it to the next level.

Meet Daria

Daria was a volunteer at the event . From the evening’s session she noted learning new things and hearing helpful tips from her fellow social entrepreneurs. She learnt how the business model evolves, right from ideation phase. She also learnt, how to take it down the right path and learn from criticism. Also she loves to hear success stories, which keeps her excited and motivated.

Meet Priyam and Vrindha

Priyam, talented co-organizer of this talk and many events and pitch nights hosted by The Expat Woman also shared her perspectives from the evening. She felt that for someone aspiring to be a social entrepreneur, the panel discussions offered valuable insight and takeaways.

Vrindha share her perspective on the evening as a social entrepreneur and social intrapreneur. She reflected on how social impact has evolved in the craft sector and impact investing space. She shared a vision of the future of the intersection of business and social impact where social impact can become part of the landscape, language, and success measures of business.

Meet Christina

Christina joined the event during her trip to San Francisco from New Zealand. Coming from her own deep work in the social impact space, she was inspired hear about the success stories from the panel discussions.

Show Notes

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More About Expat Woman

  • Website:
  • Value Proposition: “When you move to a new country, you  often leave behind your friends, your family, your jobs, your favorite stores, restaurants. everything that you are familiar with.  No matter where  you come from, the frustrations of coping and settling into a new country can be universal.

In this episode we meet the participants from Impactathon 2016, where participants share candid experiences and perspectives from thought leaders and participants in the social impact space; hear about their successes and challenges and how they continually pivot to pursue both profit and social impact.

The participants also got a special guided tour of TechShop in San Francisco. This is a powerful resource to build physical things using state of the art equipment and technology. They also learnt about classes and new packages that TechShop offers.

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Meet Andrew Calvo 

Andrew Calvo, is the Director of Sales, SF Bay Area at TechShop.  At the ImpactAndrew Calvoathon,  Andrew introduced the Tech Shop to the crowd with demos of metal shop, wood shop and laser cutters.

Andrew explained, that hundreds of companies launch from TechShop. Square who developed their first prototype for the Square Reader, a device that turns smartphones and tablets into credit-card readers, came out of Tech Shop.

Andrew also explained that, a lot of Social Impact projects have kicked out of Tech Shop. Bio-light camping stove is a great way to cook food, it reduces the particulates coming out of the flame is one among them. Similarly Resource Sanitation helped to develop, better sanitation products for the developing world. Dodo case is another example, which got benefited out of Tech Shop. He also explained that learning about prototyping tools and technologies, would spark a lot of ideas and can eventually lead to innovative and impactful projects.

Another company, Embrace, is making sleeping bag-like incubators to keep children warm, hundreds of thousands of babies die because they can’t make it to an incubator quickly enough. TechShop also offers free public tours of every machine and shop area.

Show Notes

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More about Impactathon

  • Website:
  • Value Proposition: “Live and online events to bring together thinkers and doers inspired to create and further social impact. Join us to explore the space, learn about nuances, and expand your network.

Ability in Tech Summit

In this episode we meet the participants, speakers, and organizers at “Ability in Tech Summit” . The summit addresses barriers and biases for people with different physical and mental abilities in tech – through workshops, panel discussions, a technology showcase, a career fair and a safe space to learn and meaningfully connect.

The first Tech Inclusion Conference in September 2015 began as a simple idea by co-founders Melinda Briana Epler and Wayne Sutton to bring together the tech community to discuss solutions to the industry’s diversity and inclusion challenges. The idea quickly gained momentum with overwhelming support from impassioned speakers, supportive sponsors and engaged partners.

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Meet San

"Ability in Tech Summit"

“Ability in Tech Summit”

This is day 23 of our 30 Day Podcast Project!  Today, you will meet San, from the “The Lions Center for the Blind”. The Lions Center for the Blind uses the latest in technology to provide individualized, one-on-one training to develop the skills necessary to succeed.

San feels more work needs to be done to educate those who are not aware of the laws protecting those of disabilities. They feel more resistance based on the skepticism and lack of understand of person’s ability rather than the actual disability.

San hopes to see what’s in the store, for the progress of those who are disabled. His organization provides rehabilitation services for people who are blind or low vision to build independent and productive lives. There is a professional team of experienced instructors provide individualized, one-on-one training for our clients to develop the skills necessary to succeed. To know more please visit

Meet Lorna

Lorna Seitz is from Legis Institute, they are in process of developing an online platform to facilitate collaborative policy and legislation development.Lorna is attending the session so that she take care of the concerns for the disabled.

Legis tailors interventions to build on an institution’s existing strengths and address its unique challenges. They begin the needs assessment process by using unique institution-mapping and assessment system to identify repetitive patterns of behavior that undermine institutional fairness, effectiveness, and efficacy.  Clients and partners have used their resources to improve

  • legislative drafting processes in Government ministries and in parliaments,
  • public hearings and the use of public input to law and regulations,
  • monitoring and evaluation of legislation as it is implemented,
  • law reform processes
  • court functioning

To know more please visit

Meet Darlene

Darlene is working with Alameda County Social Services Agency. The agency promotes the economic and social well-being of individuals, families, neighborhoods and communities. The Alameda County Social Services Agency is comprised of 2,200 men and women working collectively and in partnership with community-based organizations to serve the needs of the community. 

  • The Agency assists approximately 11.3 percent of Alameda County’s residents.
  • Benefits programs contribute over $278 million to the local economy through cash assistance and CalFresh.
  • Every month more than 52,000 people receive CalWORKs (assistance for families with children), CalFresh and General Assistance.
  • Every month health insurance is made available to more than 78,000 people through the Medi-Cal program.
  • Every month more than 11,000 frail, elderly and disabled individuals receive in home care, adult protection and support managing their affairs, and throughtout the year 16,000 seniors will receive services through the Area Agency on Aging. 3,700 children are in foster care.

More About Ability in Tech

  • Website:
  • Value Proposition: “As technology continues to affect every sector of business and innovation, there’s a growing concern for the lack inclusion across the tech ecosystem. While we work to correct this through a growing focus on diversity and inclusion, we often leave out populations of capable people in tech like those with visible and invisible disabilities.

In this episode attorney Zoe Hunton, shares her experience on fiscal sponsorship, a unique tool that can increase access to funding, validity, and resources for social enterprises.

It’s fantastic to reconnect with Zoe for this episode. She was first joined as guest on the Impact Podcast in 2014 where she discussed her own story and path into social impact law and the decision to launch her own practice, Hunton Law, dedicated to the space. You can listen to her first interview here.


Listen to the Podcast Episode 

Meet Zoe Hunton

zoe-hunton” This was recorded back on day 21 of a 30 Day Impact Podcast Project! “.   Today, you will meet Zoe Hunton, Founder of Hunton Law  —they help to select appropriate legal entity to maximize both purpose and profit, based on the venture’s business model, sources of capital, goals of the founders, and other key startup considerations.

Zoe graduated from Brown University with a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology with Honors. She received a law degree from UC Davis with a Certificate in Public Service. Zoe is licensed to practice law in California.

Zoe also serves on the Board of Directors of Community Initiatives in San Francisco, which provides comprehensive sponsorship services to community benefit projects.

Fiscal Sponsorship

It is a formal arrangement in which a 501(c)(3) public charity sponsors a project that may lack exempt status. This alternative to starting your own nonprofit allows you to seek grants and solicit tax-deductible donations under your sponsor’s exempt status.

 Show Notes

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In this episode we meet the students of Minerva University, a startup university program with no lectures and no final exams. Minerva believes in preparing students to lead, innovate, and solve complex challenges, that will help students to positively impact the future. Minerva is an alliance with the Keck Graduate Institute (KGI), and it offers four-year undergraduate degrees in five accredited majors: Arts & Humanities, Computational Sciences, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Business.

At Minerva, all courses take place online, and the students live in a different country each year.Minerva’s freshman class is made up of students from 36 countries. They live together in rented housing and take classes through their computers.

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” This was recorded back on day 20 of a 30 Day Impact Podcast Project! “.

About Minerva University


 The school, officially called Minerva Schools at KGI, is a non-profit undergraduate program. It was formed as a joint project between the Minerva Project and Keck Graduate Institute (KGI). The startup, created in 2012, doesn’t aim to be another elite private school, though; its model is vastly different from what four years of school in the prestigious Ivy League resembles.


Ben Nelson, Founder and CEO of Minerva Project. Minerva Project

The Minerva Project is a for-profit company which owns the technology and intellectual property associated with the Minerva Schools. One of the biggest draws to Minerva is its annual tuition and charges, which is much lower than other selective schools. For the 2016-2017 school year, Harvard lists its total tuition, room and board, and additional fees at $66,900.

Minerva University admitted its first class of 29 students and recently landed $70 million in funding, enough to offer the founding class of students full scholarships through graduation.

Ben Nelson, Founder and former Snapfish president believes schools like Minerva will start to create competition in the higher-education arena. Nelson says, “Students are realizing that institutions can’t just sit on their brands that they’ve built over decades or centuries and deliver the same ineffective experience”.


Show Notes

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More About Amp Your Good

  • Website:
  • Value Proposition: “Minerva offers a unique undergraduate education. The intensive four-year experience is deliberately designed to enhance your intellectual growth and prepare you for success in today’s rapidly changing global context.