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In this episode of Neetal Notes, learn more about the ‘daring greatly’ challenge. Plus, get the download on fellowship programs in social impact. Should you apply for one? When? Why? Tune in to hear Neetal’s experience in engaging in a few fellowship programs in the social impact space..and how her ‘daring greatly’ challenge is going!


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Show Notes

Here is a recap of a few posts mentioned in the podcast episode:

Get excited, we are sitting back down with graphic designer, founder, TEDx speaker, and author Matthew Manos to hear about his latest initiatives,– which maps out business models for social impact companies. We’ll chat about how this emerged as a project and has involved as a company and learn about the toolkit customized for different audiences…and has evolved to to a new consulting and training business Matt and his team are building to support startups, founders, and companies as they explore different business models that pursue profit and impact.


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Back with Matthew Manos

Matthew Manos is the Founder and Managing Director of verynice, a global design-strategy consultancy that gives half of its work away for free to non-profit organizations. As of 2015, verynice has been able to gift over $3,750,000 worth of pro-bono design and consulting services across 45 countries.

Matthew is also the Founder of Models of Impact, a platform and workshop curriculum that engages social entrepreneurs and non-profit executives in the design of business, as well as Reginald, an online tool that celebrates and measures the impact of pro-bono projects.

Matthew was named one of “Seven Millennials Changing the World” by The Huffington Post, and his ideas have been featured in numerous publications globally. Matthew frequently speaks about design and social entrepreneurship at noted forums including TEDx and has been a featured speaker at Singularity University, UCLA, and General Assembly.

He is the author of “How to Give Half of Your Work Away for Free” and is an advisory board member for several organizations across the private and social sectors. Matthewe holds a BA in Design Media Arts from UCLA, and an MFA in Media Design Practices from Art Center College of Design.


Show Notes

Here are a few interviews and articles mentioned in this episode.

More About Matthew Manos


More About Models of Impact

  • Website:
  • “Our mission is to promote legacy and entrepreneurship in the social impact community by developing tools and resources that make it easy (and fun!) to design disruptive business models. “


In this episode of The Impact Podcast by Innov8social, we are back with Nyna Pais Caputi to pick up from our conversation nearly a year ago. Since that time, her impact film “Petals in the Dust” has had its world premiere and has screened at theaters across the country. Here, Nyna opens up about the process and perseverance it takes to submit to film festivals and get the word out about the film. She also discusses her entrepreneurial endeavors with The Expat Woman and her advice to impact entrepreneur filmmakers.


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Back with Nyna Pais Caputi


Nyna is a filmmaker, a startup founder, blogger and speaker on gender violence, startups, cross-cultural skills, diversity and expat life.

She recently completed her first feature-length documentary ‘Petals In The Dust: The Endangered Indian Girls’​ which premiered at the San Francisco Documentary Festival. Her work on this film included doing extensive research on gender discrimination and violence in Indian and globally.

Nyna also founded the Global Walk for India’s Missing Girls in 2010, an international awareness campaign on gender discrimination and violence in India, which has taken place in over 25 cities and five countries.

She is also the founder of The Expat Woman and Pitch2Sharks, a monthly pitch for startup founders in San Francisco.

Show Notes

Here are a few interviews and articles mentioned in this episode.

More About Nyna Pais Caputi


More About “Petals in the Dust”

  • Website:
  • Brief summary: Petals in the Dust: The Endangered Indian Girls examines the condition of an endangered class of people living in one of the most populous, culturally and economic vibrant countries: modern India.”
  • Video trailer
  • List of screenings

More About The Expat Woman

  • Website:
  • Value proposition: “Designed for women from all over the globe who have moved to the US recently, lived here for a while or are planning to move here, with the goal of helping international women connect with each other, share stories on how to navigate the USA and achieve their dreams.”
  • Event listings, for The Expat Woman on Meetup


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Show Notes

Here is a recap of a few posts mentioned in the podcast episode:

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Meet Frankie Picasso 


Frankie Picasso wears many hats and has had many iterations. She is best known as a radio host, best selling author, artist, certified hypnotherapist, certified Master Coach Trainer. In previous roles, she also managed a World Kickboxing Champion and was the first female kickboxing promoter.
Today as a social entrepreneur for The Good Radio Network, Frankie is establishing connections and business models that benefit social and community needs. She is passionate about recognizing those who are changing the world and establishing a network that strengthens the work these individuals are doing.
The Good Radio Network is the legacy project that Frankie is building to ensure that every minute of the day the Radio Station is an instrument of change for those in need..

More About Frankie Picasso


More About The Good Radio Network

  • Website:
  • Value proposition: The Good Radio Network advocates for a socially conscious and purposeful world. Through a talk radio station, it encourages action through engagement.


In this episode we go to New Delhi, India, to talk to Nidhi Singh, a reporter-turned ecofashion designer-turned media founder about her impact journey and about India’s new CSR initiative that requires companies of a certain size to contribute to corporate social responsibility. It’s the only country to pass this kind of law, and now with over a year since its introduction we get to hear about how that is creating impact.

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Meet Nidhi Singh

Nidhi is an experienced television journalist, broadcaster, and entrepreneur. She has reported for well-known Indian news stations including Star News, reporting on lifestyle, fashion, and trends.

This led to founding Indigreen— a fair-trade, organic clothing label and then launching The Green People of India (TGPI), a collective of sustainable enterprises in the country.


She is the Founding Executive Editor of–based in New Delhi India– which is developing as a dynamic platform for news, discussion, and trends in global corporate social responsibility.


More About Nidhi 

More About CSRLive.In

  • Website:
  • Value proposition: At a time when Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become the buzz word, it is imperative that there is a reasoned and dispassionate take on the cacophony of voices. It is not merely about connecting various stakeholders in the CSR domain but about playing the perfect voice that positions CSR as the key differentiator in building equitable growth at the bottom of the pyramid. brings you a team that has the passion, commitment and experience to achieve this objective.
  • CSRLive TV
  • CSRLIve Podcasts

Show Notes

  • Nidhi mentions that it has been a year since the Indian CSR mandate became law, here is a Score Card, CSRLive published to show the progress


It is Day 4 of our speak week of daily podcast episodes in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Today you get to meet one of our favorite San Francisco-based social entrepreneurs who has been successfully running, growing, and pivoting her business for over four years.


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Meet Heather Scott Arora

Heather is the founding CEO of Purple Plant and has bootstrapped the company since starting it in 2011. She is a recognized expert in product development, customer experience, workplace culture, wellness programs, sales and leadership.

As Founder and CEO, Heather has successfully built full-time “in house” smoothie bars at the University of San Francisco and Square Headquarters. She has developed long-standing  catering relationships and partnerships with companies including DataSift, Yammer, Skype, Craigslist, Tagged, box, Macys, Hotel Tonight, RocketFuel & many more.

Purple Plant is dedicated to hiring and training employees in nutrition and creating pathways for them to becoming professional dietitians and nutritionists. It builds full wellness offerings tailored to millennials, through healthy smoothie bar services.



More About Heather Scott Arora

More About Purple Plant Blends

  • Website:
  • Value proposition: “Purple Plant is a nutrition focused, interactive wellness program using full, on-site smoothie bars as the vehicle to create a happy, healthy and vibrant workplace.”
  • Purple Plants on Facebook

Show Notes

Here’s a photo (and article) showing Purple Plants Blend’s start as a stand at the weekly Farmer’s Market

Purple Plant Blends Farmer's Market Stand

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Meet Philile GumedePhilile Gumede

Philile is a Founding Director of Mveli Media, an online and print communication agency and a Publisher of The Social Investor Magazine for leaders of social change.

She is passionate about social causes especially engaging on change-makers collaboration on social innovation and solutions.

Her leadership project is Dreamzzz Young Africa Foundation, an initiative to assist in the improvement of the quality of future leadership by investing into the positive and dreams of South African youth at a foundation phase.

Find Out More

More About Philile 

More About  Social Investor Magazine

The Social Investor Magazine is a bi annual social impact handbook that promotes social innovation and its success stories.  South African Private and Public sectors invest millions  of rands each year to local communities as part of their Social & Labour Plans (SLP’s) commitments and Local Economic Development (LED’s). In most cases, the impact of these investments is compiled and shared as Corporate Sustainability Reports.  And usually, this information is inaccessible to beneficiaries.

  • Value Proposition : The magazine’s vision is ‘Restoring South Africa’  to make positive and nation building information accessible to all. The magazine is a platform where South African change makers; The government, socially motivated investors, intermediaries and enterprises connect and share ideas for the greater good of South Africa, hence the mantra “Restoring our South Africa”
  • Website: 

Past Issue of Social Investor Magazine

Social Investor Magazine Cover

Read on issuu

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Meet Somya Munjal Meet Somya Munjal

Somya Munjal wanted to create a meaningful dialogue about money, education and the growing problem of student debt, so she started blogging about financial literacy. Two years later, that blog inspired a financial education technology company.

Youthful savings a Education technology company dedicated to empowering the next generation with financial education and entrepreneurship training through curriculum, technology and community

Somya R. Munjal is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Financial Educator. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy & a Master of Science in Accountancy from Northern Illinois University. She also received a Master of Business Administration in International Business from John Brown University.

After starting her career at Ernst and Young, LLP, she worked for large corporations, financial institutions, small businesses and startups in both the United States and abroad.

Somya is passionate about money management as a tool to live life fully and is committed to educating people about their finances. 

More About Somya Munjal


More About Youthful Savings

  • Website:
  • Value proposition: Our mission is to help develop the human spirit – one educated, happy youth at a time. We are committed to empowering the next generation with financial education and entrepreneurship training so they can lead the life that they want and create a better world for all.
  • Article in financial educators council– “Educator Spotlight: Somya Munjal Achieves Success by Investing in the Next Generation”
  • Youth Savings a unique social enterprise, “Their mission is to help develop the human spirit–one educated, happy youth at a time


Martin Luther King, Jr. quoteThis Monday celebrates the life and work of one of this country’s most disruptive, most innovative, most impactful civic rights changemakers, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

To commemorate and in honor of MLK Day–we are sharing one new podcast episode every day this week.

Today’s podcast episode remembers Dr. King, through one of his memorable quotes. And, we meet Dan Lothian, a journalist, storyteller, and social entrepreneur co-founder behind Heart Beings.


This episode is a nice complement to our earlier interview with Valerie Mosley, one of the other Heart Beings’ co-founders and a successful investor and dedicated entrepreneur.


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Meet Dan Lothian

Meet Dan Lothian

Dan Lothian is a veteran national TV news correspondent whose career has taken him across the country and around the globe to report on global leaders, politics, natural disasters and other international affairs. At NBC, Dan covered stories for Nightly News, the Today Show and MSNBC.

At CNN, he was Boston Bureau Chief, where he coordinated all news coverage for greater Boston area. Dan served as CNN’s White House Correspondent from 2008-2013, through which he travelled with President Obama to over 30 countries.

He brings his journalism and media skills to, where he joins the founding team in shining a spotlight on people and organizations that are making a positive difference. Dan is an avid runner, a musician, husband and father of two kids. He has visited every state in the country except one.


More About Dan Lothian

  • Dan’s bio, as listed on Linkedin website
  • Video of a speech by Dan, during his time as Journalist-in-Residence at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga


More About Heart Beings

Show Notes

Here are a few of the interviews and articles Dan mentions in his interview.