I find myself thinking about how social media would have impacted the journey of historical figures in the past. Would Gandhiji have been able to explore nuances of ahimsa and satyagraha through reading comments to his latest posts by other thought leaders of the time…would blogging about his fasts and marches have hindered or helped their impact?

globe gazeIn a world in which people are busy with their daily routines, whether it is tending the farm or keeping up with the Kardashians, would Mother Theresa’s tweets about the mundane and profound aspects of her day have shown her twitter followers that she is human like them and also underscored her choice to dedicate herself to a path so unlike many around her?What if Shakespeare practiced his compositions on youtube. Would he have been discovered as the Justin Bieber of his time? Or would his advanced use of iambic pentameter have seemed less striking amongst throes of other youtubing poets.It’s hard to say really. And then it’s not at all. Because as we connect through this post, there is a “Gandhi” starting a new one, a “Mother Theresa” tweeting from a smartphone, and a “Shakespeare” uploading some new rhymes. In fact somewhere in the web of social media is our future President and a future Olympic gold medal winner. It is a major way our world now communicates.

This blog is about exploring and learning. It is a chance to examine topics—even if through the breezy tones of a blog format.

So, 5 goals for this blog? Here they are:

1. Write.  I have enjoyed writing for a long time, and this is a chance to do so in a free-form style and with assignments that are self-imposed. A chance to be creative, to be informative, funny where merited, and to write with an audience in mind.

2. Explore. If you’ve ever blogged, you may relate to the sometimes-challenging task of identifying content. Having a blog will be a good way to encourage exploration of new content by reading interesting posts by other bloggers and scouring related news.

3. Connect. If you believe the adage that “no person is an island” then connecting with others becomes key. Those interactions with others may be invaluable catalysts for our own understanding and growth.

4. Innovate. Before I blogged I may not have associated innovation with the act of blogging. But truth is, it’s all about innovation. How you decide to structure a post, what you choose to include and leave out, and so many other unique aspects go into blogging. This is a great chance to be innovative, in content and style.

5. Challenge. This is a chance to challenge my own perception of what I know and think I know about the fields of social entrepreneurship, photography, and writing.

Thanks for taking the time to read & I hope that this blog may be of use to others exploring any/all of these interests.

*Note: This post has been republished. The original version can be found here.