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Social Impact Hackathon Experiences

Inclusive. Interactive. Transformative.

  • What is an Impactathon? Interactive social impact hackathon experiences that engage participants in mapping problems and designing solutions, and pitching to judges. Designed for learning & Collaboration. PROMOTES A problem-solving mindset. co-convened with local partners
  • How Impactathon Works. Impactathons® are designed to be transformative, experiential learning and leadership experiences. Key components include: IMPACT TALKS - social impact stories from local impact leaders. WORKSHOP - tools and frameworks on social enterprise. HACKATHON - ideation, team-building, problem-mapping PITCHES - pitch deck presentation, pitches to judges The components champion science of learning best practices, including active and diffuse learning. Participant Goals: Experience key concepts of prototyping and 'hacking' using lean methodology, idea/solution validation, and pitching. Understand components of a social enterprise pitch deck with examples. Strengthen interpersonal and public speaking skills through teamwork and pitches.

Impactathon® is a registered trademark of Innov8social.