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find your yoga. build discipline. connect with resilience.

I love to see people find their yoga. We can celebrate our bodies and minds through physical movement, mental focus and mindfulness, and strengthening. You’re in exactly the right place. Take a step toward yourself.

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find your yoga. build discipline. connect with resilience.

Do you ever ask yourself, “Who would I be if I practiced yoga every day? Meditated regularly? Was able to calm my mind more quickly and easily?”

I have. And, it has taken over two decades and a yoga teacher training certification to commit to developing those regular practices. What started last May as a goal 21 days of daily sun salutations, pranayama, and meditation— has become a 170+ day long streak of daily practice. Beyond the physical and breathing benefits, I am seeing a benefit from the simple discipline. 

I would love to cheer on and support your intentions, and share any ‘hacks’ I have learned along the way. Who would we be, as a humanity, if we incorporated these practices of going inward and strengthening mind and body…especially in this uncertain and dynamic time.

I realize that the daily Instagram Live only videos I shared during the 21-day May challenge aren’t convenient for many, especially those in different time zones, with different home and work schedules. 

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For the month of November 2020, I am introducing a new 30-day #novyogapractice. The goals this month are to challenge, deepen, and engage our practice. 

The practice will be in its most simple form. Plan to do the regular: at least 5 rounds of surya namaskara, 5 minutes of pranayama, and 5 minutes of meditation. And each day, choose a “daily double” and double that practice. 

For example, you may double asanas one day, to at least 10 rounds or double the number of minutes of meditation or pranayama. Additionally, you may double the entire practice and repeat the 5-5-5 later again the same day. I suggest putting a few doubling options on slips of paper and drawing one randomly each day.

Use hashtag #novyogapractice and tag @neetalyoga in your Instagram stories for accountability. Also, you can log in your work and build accountability through posting your daily practice through a link we share.

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Follow @neetalyoga on Instagram and check out our new Facebook page