It’s here…. warning : plot twist

The book is here !!!

Well, almost.

It is 10 days away from being here.  And, after the surprisingly expansive number of hours this little book has taken to emerge, I thought we could have a little fun with the countdown launch.

The long of it

Perhaps over coffee we can chat in more detail about the fantastically unique, uniquely challenging, and rewardingly fantastic process of independently publishing a book.

For the next 10 days though, leading to launch, I want to tell you ten small mini stories through media and memes. It’s a way to organize the many, tangential experiences over the past 6 months of:

  • re-launching as a platform to make it easier for individuals to reach their impact potential
  • formalizing the many interviews with thinkers and doers in the social impact space into the Innov8social Podcast
  • launching the Innov8social Academy with its first course (on Udemy) on “8 Things Everyone Should Know About Social Entrepreneurship”  —and the truly unexpected curve ball experienced with the Udemy review process (not my favorite week or set of emails!)
  • meeting new mentors, friends, networks, social entrepreneurs, team members who build and create things, challenge thinking, inspire, and keep things moving forward
  • working on something a bit more top secret, but oh so so so cool, that may become the backbone of how we provide YOU an ‘easy button’ for creating social impact in your work, lives, and startups
  • AND….turning the life-long dream of writing a book into a 190 page, beautifully illustrated reality—complete with over 30 iterations on the cover. (i.e. if I didn’t release the book in 2015…it is not at all unlikely that the cover would have reverted to a blank college-ruled sheet of notebook paper ;-) It is called “51 Questions on Social Entrepreneurship” and it is coming your way in the blink of an eye!

The short of it

I get it, I get it. It’s a super busy time of the year. As much as you want to count down every day of these next 10 together…ten emails or 10 posts via Linkedin, Medium, Tumblr, or Facebook can be overwhelming enough to bring out any of our inner scrooges.

Instead, can I invite you to join the “virtual book launch” here?

"51 Questions Book Launch" on Facebook



I will post the fun, quick, engaging videos, memes, and parts of the ten-day story there and on Innov8social. On these various other platforms, I will just post occasionally and catch you up on things you might especially love and links to peruse the rest.

Thank you

I try to say it when I can, but thank YOU for being part of this journey, evolution, emergence.

There is something amazing knowing that even one person is reading something you write. It is that proverbial “one” that has inspired movements and impactful change over the expanse of time. For me, seeing even one person benefit from this work has been inspiration enough to start Innov8social as a blog in 2011, to start recording and posting the interviews, to start on a book project, and to start thinking bigger about what this can be as a platform to serve the incremental shift in consciousness of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and buyers globally.

Okay, first up, T-10!