Delaware is known for having corporation-friendly tax law and developed case law, making it a favorite for entrepreneurs and investors. As of this week, it may become a hotspot for social enterprise as well.

On July 17th 2013, Delaware officially passed benefit corporation legislation—a momentous landmark for the benefit corporation movement.
Here are a few facts about the new benefit corporation law in Delaware:
  • After passing through state house and senate, the bill was signed into law by Delaware Governor Jack Markell
  • Delaware is the 19th state pass benefit corporation legislation
  • The bill was introduced as Senate Bill #47 & passed unanimously through state assembly and house votes
  • The bill goes in to effect August 1, 2013
  • Delaware is home to over 1 million public corporations
  • 50% of companies and over 60% of Fortune 500 corporations are registered in Delaware
  • The states that have passed benefit corporation law now:
    Delaware, California, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, South Carolina, Illinois, Arkansas, Louisiana, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and Hawaii
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