You may have heard of a for-profit corp and a non-profit corporation…but there’s a good chance you haven’t met B yet.

A B corporation is one that integrates business objectives with social standards and sustainability considerations.
B corporation certification requires meeting specific criteria with regards to:
  • transparency
  • social & environmental performance
  • enhanced legal accountability
  • documentation & business practices
It’s a fascinating and innovative approach to addressing the challenge of marrying social considerations with the inherent duty of a business corporation to create profit for its shareholders.But don’t take my word for it…you can learn more about what a B corp is in their intro video:

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TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design and it is a pretty fascinating social innovation experiment aimed at sharing big ideas by thought leaders in those fields—and posting those talks online for all of us to glean something from.This is an interesting one by Melinda Gates. She explains the concept of aspirational marketing–using the ubiquity of Coke as a model.Aspirational marketing—finding ways to make ideas core to social progress, well, “cool”– is an interesting concept. And it seems like tools such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook can be apt instruments for spreading the aspirational marketing gospel by allowing a leveled playing field for getting front-and-center to the masses, leaders, and you and me.

you can watch Melinda Gates @ TED 2010 in her talk “What nonprofits can learn from Coca-Cola” below…