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We’re so happy you are here. Meet 🍍 The Pineapple Friends’ books, a grade school group of fun animal kids excited to learn, build, and work together.

The Pineapple Friends series introduces a 🧠 problemsolving mindset to young learners. They are social impact books for kids! Beautifully illustrated by the talented Zoe Almon Job.

Social Impact Books for Kids

💡Drawing from design thinking, lean startup, the power of storytelling, and our experience in creating and facilitating social entrepreneurship events and content for the past decade + — these books are a fun, empowering, inclusive way for kids (of all ages!) to connect with their inner problemsolvers.

This project has been in the works for some time, and we are so excited to share these books and characters with you ahead. 🙌🏽

Join the Wait List

Join the Pineapple Friends wait list for updates on releases, and special pop-up story hours to meet the characters, hear the story— for you and the littles in your life– voiced by actors and artists!

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Neetal Parekh, author and founder

Cory Capybara, Allie Alpaca, Zarah Zebra, of the Pineapple Friends. Social impact books for kids.
  • Bulk sales available for schools and institutions
  • We are scheduling Impactathon Workshops for Kids (story hour + hands-on activities) for 2023-2024
  • Host a book talk with the author (live and virtual)
  • Bring our books to your bookstore
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