When was the last time you were in a really well-facilitated meeting?

How did it make you feel? Were you more comfortable to share ideas? Did it spark new collaboration? Did you feel a sense of belonging?

Amid post-covid, rise in smart phone use, normalizing remote work & school, heck, even the fact that all of us seem to wear headphones and airpods much more these days….an exernality is that meetings, gatherings, social situations can feel….awkward, even anxiety-inducing.

And, that means a lot is left off the table. We may not effectively communicate what we really think about something or a new idea that could help. We may not express our empathy or ask for help.


Emerge Facilitation Training

I’m so grateful to have met Emily Grantz, Founder and Lead Facilitator at Functioning Workplace Consulting and gain their expert facilitator support at Impactathon in Tacoma as part of my work with Innov8social. Over the months, we have ‘nerded’ out on all things facilitation– online and in-person.

And, we realized. The world would benefit from more stellar facilitators. Whether at a board meeting or a book club, among 3 co-founders or at an all-hands retreat, great facilitation can break the ice, invite constructive communication, and help build bridges instead of barriers.

To take a further step, we are co-convening EMERGE Facilitation Training – a unique six-week program for any individual looking to step into their facilitation potential.

We are incredibly grateful for Tacoma Creation Station for hosting the training at their incredible new maker space.

The first training is in person, but join our email list to learn more about future virtual offerings.

We have limited spots for this first run, and special early bird pricing available now. We can’t wait to see you and share what we have learned in our combined decades+ experience in facilitation.

Please learn more and sign up here:

Learn more about Emerge Facilitation Training 2024 + Sign Up

Flyer and videos –> Emerge Facilitation Training


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