“Pasos cortos, vista larga.” I heard this saying, which translates to “short steps, long vision”, straight from hip hop star, investor, and entrepreneur Pitbull at his recent concert at Shoreline Amphitheater. A quote his mother would often repeat became his mantra for creating his own path. It was timely, because it eloquently and succinctly describes my thoughts on Innov8Social at the two year mark.

And the crowd goes wild -- Pitbull concert
And the crowd goes wild! Audiences cheer on as Pitbull delivers
rhythm, passion, vision through his music & reflections.
–at Shoreline Amphitheater, 2013

the past

The past couple of years have marked a dive into a new field and surrender of what that experience should be like.  Splashed across tech news sites and leadership how-to’s, you often see mega success stories of people who tried something new and became fantastically successful in a short period of time.
I realized that with the field of social innovation, for me, it is a long-term commitment, a labor of love. The posts themselves are little labors of love—a matter of being inspired by an event, innovation, individual, or article, then researching the topic to adequately be able to write about it, and finally creating or pairing an image that fits.
The posts are as much for me to remember the events I have been to, the thoughts that have blown me away, and the people that inspire as much as they are to share with those who are exploring the field as well.

the future

The vision is long, and in short steps it is being actualized. There is exciting news that I can’t wait to share with readers in just over a week. A new way you can interact with the efforts to explore social innovation and can further our work in the space. Looking forward to unveiling it soon!

quick posts

I have attended some incredible events, interviewed fascinating folks over the past couple of months. Please bear with us as I catch up with quick posts that provide broad brushstrokes about topics covered. Am happy to go further in depth ahead, at a future social innovation unconference, or over coffee : )

    What should we write about next?