#goanddo guide – Feb 2016 (2)

“That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.” – Abraham Lincoln. Happy Presidents Day!

Here are a few articles, posts, and opportunities curated over the week.

1. An insightful article about Millennials & workplace happiness highlights the rise of millennials in the workforce. With with employee turnover costing over 20% of a worker’s salary, employers are finding ways to meet the millennial mindset, including opportunities to engage in meaningful, transparent, and double-bottom line work.

2. Here’s an awesome opportunity offering video marketing grant for nonprofits in the SF area by Forward Films. (note: they are amazing!)

3. This walk for hope from Southern India to Northern India has been underway for over a year with the purpose of raising awareness, unity, and interfaith dialogue. Volunteers from around the globe are participating.

4. Hear about this new tool for social entrepreneurs that maps out over a hundred impact business models in our latest podcast episode.

5. A free event in LA. If you’re in Southern CA this week, join the StartingBloc Fellows and community at this beach party in Santa Monica.


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Our newsletter has a new format…

Same impact intent. Simplified.

Happy 2016 and Year of the Monkey! Since many folks seems to clock in the new year after the Super Bowl, this seemed like a fitting time to share a few quick updates.

1. T+1 Month since book release.  51 Questions on Social Entrepreneurshipis just over a month old! You can check out some of the Amazon reviews so far, and we would love to read yours. You can also nominate a school, university, or library s to receive a free copy.

2. New podcast name. The podcast is now titled “The Impact Podcast by Innov8social”. It features over 60 interviews with thinkers and doers and we are trying a few new formats too. For example, we recently launched a new segment called “Neetal Notes” where I share short reflections from my personal journey in the social entrepreneur space. Feedback welcome :)

3. A more regular (but streamlined) newsletter. We’ll send out more regular newsletters…quick snapshots of interesting, actionable content related to social entrepreneurship and social impact delivered to you.

4. See you in LA in Feb? I am super excited to have been selected as a 2016StartingBloc Fellow and will be in Santa Monica in mid-February for the Institute. Please feel free to be in touch if you will be in the LA area then too. I will try to capture the experience through Instagram, podcasts, video, Twitter, and other social media channels too.

It’s already been a year of reflection and re-emergence after the book. It’s time to dive deep and shift from building cool tools and resources to helping people engage with the space and each other. Thank you for your messages and posts of encouragement and excitement. It reminds me of #whywedo.

Excited, humbled, and ready :) It’s game time.



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