In this episode of the Impact Podcast, Innov8social founder shares the new normal that has evolved, and the importance of  “Why” vs “How” in social impact.


Listen to the “Our New Normal and the Importance of Why vs How in Social Impact”

The Importance of Why v. How in Social Impact

In this podcast episode, Neetal contemplates the importance of “why” social entrepreneurship vs “how”. As many of us have watched the Simon Sinek TED Talk, where he talks about people, buying from brands and how people make decisions based on “why” rather than “how” or what.  She found this thought process, interesting and also found the same ideology in social enterprise changing lives of individuals.

The New Normal

This episode also touches on the ‘new normal’ for this website and podcast. Just like many social entrepreneurs have unique paths to realizing their vision,  Innov8social is redefining its path as well.




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