In this episode of the Impact Podcast, Innov8social founder shares how Social Intrapreneurship is creating social impact within existing structures and companies. Neetal also shares 3 effective tips, on how to become an effective social  intrapreneur.

Listen to “Neetal Notes #21: 3 Tips for Being an Effective Social Intrapreneur”

The Go to Impact Network

Neetal feels that to be an effective social intrapreneur, you need to have a go to impact network. Being a social intrepreneur has set of objectives and responsibilities, and thinking about impact should be complementary. She feels that having a facebook page of good social network of entrepreneurs , will help you a long way. For example it could help identify a good vendor for a project or to give opinion about a new tool. Neetal also says that, actually you don’t need to know everyone in the network, but you just need to be in the right network.

Know your stakeholder

The second tip that Neetal suggests, is to know your stakeholder. If you are pitching for venture capitalist, you just need to understand where your social impact really fits in. Also she feels, that if you know your stakeholder is already doing great, in what they do in terms of social impact, the question of social enterprise or impact is unnecessary.

Story Telling

The third thing that Neetal want to bring forward is storytelling. The story that you tell about your social impact for, inviting different talent or speaker is really valuable.  It is really valuable, even if there is no audience, as it would help in prioritizing and tracking social impact. It would also help in identifying new avenues, that the leadership would love to hear about. And it always helps to bring these impact dialogues, to various stakeholders as it can become a journey on its own.

These are three effective tips that Neetal go share in this episode. Please stay tuned for more impact podcasts during this fall.

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