Launching Innov8Social has been marked by attending fascinating events, the opportunity to be part of compelling legislative efforts, and the chance to interview passionate people in the field.

And it may be time stretch our handshake a little further. Innov8Social would love to enlist your social media support for our efforts.  You can email here with any ideas, feedback, or observations you have on the blog, the concept, and topics discuss.

Q: How can you support Innov8Social? 
A: Here are 5 things you can do in 5 minutes +1
1. Become a fan of Innov8Social on Facebook here
2. Join the email listserv here
3. Become a member of the LinkedIn group here
4. Follow on Twitter here
5. Subscribe to the YouTube channel here
+1. We can’t overlook the latest online social sharing tool, so feel free to share posts of interest on Google+ Email here for an invite


An Idea Only As Compelling As the Community that Supports It 
An idea is only as compelling as the community that supports it~~ and part of Innov8Social’s mission is supporting the idea of social entrepreneurship by building a community of informed, passionate, active individuals.
Arigato ~ Mahalo ~ Merci ~ Shukran ~ Grazie
Thank you for your support. It means the world. I hope engaging with Innov8Social will be as meaningful for you as it already has been for me.

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