B Corporations In Different Forms

SOCAP11 (Social Capital Markets 2011) brought together a confluence of people, ideas, and dialogues from around the social innovation sphere. It was especially interesting to hear about various corporate forms that social ventures had decided on.I had a chance to talk with Blake Jones towards the end of Day 2 of SOCAP11. We had both attended the same breakout session on benefit corporations earlier in the day.

His company, a b corporation, is also a cooperative.

Meet Blake

Blake co-founded, Namaste Solar, a B corporation based in Colorado. (Reminder: B corporation is a voluntary certification, benefit corporation is a new corporate form for social innovation that has passed/is being introduced in various states. You can read more about the differences between B corporation and benefit corporation)

Here is a quick interview with Blake explaining what Namaste Solar does and why and how they decided to pursue the B corporation certification.

Watch the Interview


More About Namaste Solar

Namaste Solar is an employee-owned cooperative that installs solar systems in homes and businesses.

Namaste Solar is proud to be a B corporation and exists to benefit all of its stakeholders, including community and environment.

They may be looking for impact investors in the future.

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    2 replies
    1. evolne
      evolne says:

      I really like what he said, "We exist not just to maximize profits, we exist to benefit all of our stakeholders." I feel that we need more of this attitude in business.
      This sparked a thought in my mind though, that competitors are stakeholders. I am curious, does Namaste Solar hope to influence electrical companies to do go into the environmentally sustainable solar panel business? This would be nice to see, but I what I really wonder is, are we ready for that?

    2. feed in tariff
      feed in tariff says:

      I really hope they don't end up like Solyndra. I see a lot of potential here. This type of attitude, as you mentioned, is what we need more of. I also see this attitude as the one we'll need to get this solar energy industry over the top.


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