Innov8Social is 6 months new! It has been a unique and exhilarating experience formulating the concept, creating content, and finding a voice and niche for this site. And, by all definitions…at 6 months old, there is lots to learn and grow ahead.paper heartThanks.

This is a post to say thanks and mention some of the supporters, mentors, and practitioners that have inspired our posts. And we have worked with the superstar social entrepreneurs at Back to the Roots to provide readers with a discount for their truly innovative gourmet mushroom kits….find out more here!
When you start a new project in an area unknown and unexplored, you may find that mentors seem to arise from unlikely places. Deep gratitude for great insight, ideas, and food for thought:

Social entrepreneurs
At the heart of this effort is providing useful information, tools, and news about social innovation. So many of the true inspirations have been those individuals and organizations actually in the field. Here are a few we have had the pleasure of connecting with:

Social entrepreneur legal community
It has been immeasurably helpful to tap legal practitioners well-versed in the field to better understand how policy affects the legal landscape for social entrepreneurs and how law can evolve to support and encourage social innovation. A special thank you to the attorneys and policymakers who have provided great insight and been able to answer the big and small questions about social entrepreneurship law.
You inspire the best work. Attending events, seminars, conferences, hearings, one-to-one meet-ups, and talks has been made more meaningful knowing that there will be others interested in reading about key takeaways and insights. Through the last few months it has been encouraging to see new levels of interaction, such as the sharing and additions to the 50+ social innovation fellowships post. Thank you.Cheers to the social innovation exploration so far, and all that is to come!

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