Inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt’s courageous edict, “do one thing every day that scares you”, we have a special #goanddo challenge for the month of May. We want to release one episode of The Impact Podcast each day, for 30 consecutive days.

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30 Days of Podcasting, So What?

The current 80+ episodes of The Impact Podcast have found their way to iTunes and SoundCloud over the expanse of 3 years. The idea of creating and delivering audio content daily is, to put it lightly, a bit on the terrifying side :)

Additionally, since publishing an interview daily won’t always be possible or the most effective in sharing the story of our journey, it means there will be far more reflective clips and sound bytes. There will be moments when it will just be me, sharing a story, thought process, or learning. Equally terrifying :)

So, Why Do It?

Right, so what is the “Simon Sinek Why” of this project. It is simple:

  1. Share stories and thoughts real-time, explore some of the opportunities and challenges of being a lean social enterprise as they unfold;
  2. Get better at recording and producing episodes of The Impact Podcast ‘on the fly’ using tools, apps, and hacks to deliver content in new and innovative ways;
  3. Get over the fear


Join Us for the Adventure

Tune in on iTunes, SoundCloud, or Stitcher to tune in to the latest Impact Podcast episodes. Feel free to suggest topics by tweeting us @innov8social too!

30 Day Podcast Project by The Impact Podcast

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