In this episode of The Impact Podcast, we are live at Hive! You will hear from a handful participants, organizers, volunteers, and mentors who were part of this eighth iteration of Hive Global Leaders Program, that took place in San Francisco in May 2016.

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Reflections on Social Impact Fellowship and Leadership Programs

This past weekend I participated in the Hive Global Leaders Program in San Francisco. And on Day 3, I also led an unconference session on social entrepreneurship…swapping my seat in the audience for a mic on the stage.

And this fluidity to move been leading and participating, this synchronicity between giving abundantly and receiving with gratitude, is powerful. It gives us perspective, it reminds us to be humble, it inspires us to always be curious.

It creates opportunities to experience that indescribable feeling of wonder when you connect with people deeply engaged in work that moves the entire social impact sector further.

And that just may be why I am drawn to social impact fellowship and leadership programs. Each can provide a unique lens into the space, shaped by the organizers’ vision and mission. They can each reveal some aspect of the space and its diverse and unique participants. Best of all, we come to each changed in a different way, seeking different counsel or inspiration to help us reach our next goal, challenge, and success.

I am proud to have participated in StartupWeekend, New Leaders Council, StartingBloc, and Hive. They provide both the steady wall and the fluid edge that help map out the growing social impact space. And they provide the flow and tension that help clarify how our work can better serve, create value, and help grow a vibrant global community of social impact changemakers.

live at hive global leaders program

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