In this episode of the Impact Podcast, Innov8social founder meets another exciting Podcastor Sonali Mangal. In this episode Neetal discusses, with Sonali about the podcasts that she is working on. Sonali also shares some details about her, and how she got involved in ” Learn Educate Discover ” podcast.

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Meet Sonali Mangal

Sonali Mangal is Podcastor of the series “Learn, Educate & Discover” podcast, which helps students and young professional to learn about various careers. She organizes her podcasts, into interview style podcasts with professionals from various backgrounds such as consulting, banking & product management. Sonali tries to understand from current professionals in a career, about their day to day challenges. She tries to dig deep into each areas, so that it helps people with aspirations about a particular career path.

Neetal also shares her passion about podcasting with Sonali, and they both were brainstorming about doing events together. Neetal managed to get some snapshots, of the upcoming podcasts with Sonali and you hear about exchanges between the fellow podcastor’s in this episode. Sonali was excited about the way, Neetal manages to get some of her podcasts in the form an informal conversations. She feels that, it makes the speaker to open up more casually, than formal process.

Neetal also did a podcast as a speaker for Learn, Educate & Discover, and shared her experiences in podcasting, career and her passion about creating social impact. Sonali always enjoy doing podcasts and the moment she receives a note from her listener, she feels great that it was meaningful to someone. She feels that is what, keeps her going.

Sonali shares her vision about Learn, Educate & Discover with Neetal. Her vision is to help people choose a career, they love, rather than pushing themselves to office on Monday’s.  She want to develop LED as a resource that help people choose right career path, by providing well informed insider views.  Sonali loves to receive feedbacks on her podcasts, and also on topics that would interested them.

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