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Chris GordonHow is social enterprise emerging in Ireland? This episode of the Innov8social podcast features an interview with Chris Gordon, Co-founder and Chairman of the the Irish Social Enterprise Network, the largest network of social entrepreneurs and innovators in Ireland.

As you will hear from the interview, Chris studied physics and has himself has been connected to the impact space since his childhood. He has also been entrepreneur since his youth and sees great power and potential in creating business solutions to drive societal, community, and environmental issues.

I met Chris on social media and through our shared interest in social impact. Over the past couple of years it has been incredible to connect with him about his work in Ireland and also get his feedback on projects such as the book. It is very special to share his story on the podcast!

Chris’s work focuses on social enterprise, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, startups, cooperative development, exporting and small business in Ireland. He is a director of Treehouse, PosInform and 222 Ireland and Founder and Chair of the Irish Social Enterprise Network ( and the Irish Export Cooperative ( Chris has also been working B Lab to bring B corporation certification to Ireland. He is also a Social Innovation Fellow from StartingBloc (US), a Constellations Society Fellow (France), Tällberg Pathfinder Fellow (Sweden)from Sweden and a Boston College/ US Department of State awardee on Social Enterprise and Tackling Long Term Unemployment programme.



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  • Value proposition: “Largest network for social enterprises, social entrepreneurs and social innovators in Ireland. We are here to help social enterprises, social entrepreneurs and social innovators in getting their idea off the ground and providing the supports to grow. We are here to build a network that will change and impact their social mission as well as foster an entrepreneurial sphere of passionate and groundbreaking models of social change.”

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