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Meet Philile GumedePhilile Gumede

Philile is a Founding Director of Mveli Media, an online and print communication agency and a Publisher of The Social Investor Magazine for leaders of social change.

She is passionate about social causes especially engaging on change-makers collaboration on social innovation and solutions.

Her leadership project is Dreamzzz Young Africa Foundation, an initiative to assist in the improvement of the quality of future leadership by investing into the positive and dreams of South African youth at a foundation phase.

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More About  Social Investor Magazine

The Social Investor Magazine is a bi annual social impact handbook that promotes social innovation and its success stories.  South African Private and Public sectors invest millions  of rands each year to local communities as part of their Social & Labour Plans (SLP’s) commitments and Local Economic Development (LED’s). In most cases, the impact of these investments is compiled and shared as Corporate Sustainability Reports.  And usually, this information is inaccessible to beneficiaries.

  • Value Proposition : The magazine’s vision is ‘Restoring South Africa’  to make positive and nation building information accessible to all. The magazine is a platform where South African change makers; The government, socially motivated investors, intermediaries and enterprises connect and share ideas for the greater good of South Africa, hence the mantra “Restoring our South Africa”
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