This just in…with a vote of 23-7 AB 361–California legislation that would create a new corporate form called a benefit corporation– successfully passed through the California State Senate today. It is now bound for the State Assembly for a concurrence vote. With a majority vote in Assembly, it will proceed to Governor Jerry Brown for final approval and to be signed into law.There is still time to show your support for AB 361. Letters of support from your business or company can be sent to Governor Brown’s Office (see Governor Brown’s contact information), with a copy sent to the bill’s sponsor Assemblymember Jared Huffman (see Assemblymember Huffman’s Sacramento office contact information in the bottom left margin)If you are catching up on the benefit corporation legislation in California, here are a few posts that will walk you through what it’s all about and the journey thus far:The Story of AB 361 (Benefit Corporation) As Told Through Blog Posts:

Note: This post has been edited to update the final Senate Floor vote count on 8/22/11 (which was 23 Ayes, 7 Noes, 10 non-votes). The bill needed 21 votes to pass. 

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