If you have been following the news of AB 361–the CA bill that would create a new corporate form for social enterprise called a benefit corporation.  You may be wondering about the status of the bill.In Review

As a quick summary, AB 361 passed in a vote in the California Assembly on Monday August 29th 2011. It has been forwarded to Governor Jerry Brown’s Office for final approval.

The Update

After speaking with the office of Assemblymember Jared Huffman, sponsor of AB 361, the update is that Governor has until October 9, 2011 to make a final decision on the bill.

What You Can Do

Here are a few things that can make you a savvy social enterprise citizen and supporter.

1. Become better informed about AB 361. You can take a spin through a few of the recent posts on AB 361, visit Assemblymember Huffman’s page, or read about the policy and similar legislation that has passed in other states on the B Lab website.

2. Learn about other social enterprise initiatives in CA. Learn about the key features of AB 361 and SB 201—which would create flexible purpose corporations in California, and which is also at the Governor’s desk. The 2 bills are not mutually exclusive—i.e. they both can be passed.

3. Sign the Care2 petition in support of AB 361. You can read more about the petition and use the widget here. It is a quick and easy way to show your support.

4. Write a letter to Governor Brown’s office. With nearly a month of time on the clock, there is ample opportunity to get involved and write in your support for corporate structures for social enterprise. You can read a sample letter here.

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