Silicon Valley feels dimmer after Steve Jobs…but the world lights brighter from the technology he created.Steve JobsInnovation is often the degree foolishness and failure receive upon graduation.Innovation, at its core, is the breadth and depth of idea and solution without regard to limitation. It is freedom to connect unlike things in ways that have not been imagined before, and which can improve existence and humanity in some way.

And though seemingly unrelated to law, law is the structure in which innovation lives.

Governor Jerry Brown will decide by Sunday October 9, 2011 whether both, either, or neither of the 2 bills creating new avenues for social innovation will become law in California.

Will benefit corporations and/or flexible purpose corporations become effective tools by which business and social impact can progress?

The story ahead is hard to predict, but as a 27-year old Steve Jobs told the Academy of Achievement in 1982 [listen here]:

“One of the things that motivates a lot of people…[who] actually get out and do something in any different field is that we all eat food that other people cook, wear clothing that other people make, speak a language that other people evolved, and use someone else’s mathematics….and we’re sort of taking from this giant pool, constantly.”

The most ecstatic thing in the whole world is actually to put something back…it’s the most ecstatic thing that I’ve encountered. So I would highly recommend it.”

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