This interesting infographic designed by Hyperakt and published by GOOD and the University of Phoenix on is a telling snapshot on the kinds of education needed for careers in the past and future.

College is not for everyone—with under half of the U.S. population pursuing an Associate’s or undergraduate by the age of 27. But increasingly, college is what employers are looking for–with more than 60% of careers requiring at least an AA degree.

The look into the growing and declining careers and median incomes also gives insight as to kinds of roles and degrees that have a strong future.

With the infusion of technology, online learning, and focus on entrepreneurship—it will be curious to see what this infographic looks like  in 20 years.  There are new, emerging ways of learning that don’t yet fit into traditional buckets of education. And soft skills such as social media savvy and online commerce are creating new paths for careers.

Let’s check back in 20.



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