Major newspapers have been making the headlines of their own front pages this week—such as the sale of the Boston Globe to Red Sox owner John Henry—at 7% of the price of its last acquisition by the New York Times. And not to be outdone, this week also saw the sale of Washington Post to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos…at what some financial analysts are calling, significantly higher than the market price.Journalism as a field has been ripe for innovation. This infographic by EByline published in 2012 provides a visual context of the recent trends of the space as well as the innovation which is already well underway.How will the recent sales transform journalism—print, online, and beyond. In this time of imminent transformation is there an opportunity to consider the impact that the industry has on the environment and community. Social entrepreneurs, on your mark—get ready….

Journalism�s death and rebirth in 60 seconds


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