Dear Mom,Today you would have turned 60. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to wish you :) I’m sure we would have organized a big get-together. You would have overseen the food and decorations with your characteristic good taste and attention to detail.  Let’s be honest,  there would have been some stress in making sure the event met your vision—but once it was in full swing laughter, great food, and the company of friends and family would have been in abundance.  Maybe we would have tried to surprise you (i.e. circa your 52nd bday—we had you pretty well that time).  Or, maybe you would have leveraged your birthday to plan a family trip or cruise—turning a multiple of 10 gives you a mega bargaining chips, which come in handy when negotiating busy schedules and noncommittal planners.Best of all, you and Mina Aunty would have put together a fun aunties’ event.  You know the ones where you all get together, dress to the nines, and basically take over a poor, unsuspecting establishment with your laughter, jokes, and vibrant stories.


paper heart

There are so many things that I think you would have loved. Like the iPhone and iPad. Whenever I taught workshops on how to use them at the Apple Store, I always imagined what you would have thought of them. I have a feeling you would have taken to them like a fish to water. They are absolutely incredible. You would have used them to look up recipes, check out the latest kitchen gadgets, and maybe even FaceTime across the world.

I asked you once, between the time things were serious and very very serious, about whether I should practice law. You were steadfast in supporting my own vision of my connection to the field. I think of your belief often and feel it in the family’s unconditional support.

I wonder what you would have thought of my journey and of Innov8Social. I would have loved to share with you the amazing experience it has been, the people I have met, the ideas that continually expand my mind, the innovation I have seen in action, and the possibilities to improve the world in ways that we had never imagined before.

We all think about you, and love you always.

Happy birthday Mummy :)


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