Happy 2014!And with a blink, we are nearly halfway in to January!?  I wanted to take a few moments to give a few Innov8Social updates.

New Logo

First off, here is a new Innov8Social logo and icon:


A huge thanks to all of the talented designers that submitted innovative designs to our design contest hosted on GoodJoe. Special thanks to cmdixon2 for the winning design!

Social Innovation Book Project Update

Co-author Shivani and I have been whittling away on the social innovation book project. We met nearly every day during the holiday season—couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy peppermint green tea than while discussing social enterprises, or than spending the first day of 2014 surveying books, authors, and resources in the space. You can read the latest book update on the Social Innovation Book Project Indiegogo campaign page (click the tab “Updates”).


Innov8Social Posts

You may have noticed fewer posts and more interview posts on Innov8Social. And on the backend, there are a number of amazing, enriching interviews that have been recorded that have yet to be shared.

So, what’s going on?

Well, one of the major changes in the middle of last year was taking action on the idea/goal/dream of writing a book. The efforts, though they are primarily in research stage now, have been consuming in a new way. Not that there isn’t time to write blog posts—but rather the focus has shifted to turning idea into reality with a massive undertaking such as writing a book.

Another development has been the expansion of my consulting and addition of a new role. Innov8Social so far as been a labor of passion. And while I figure out how it can be more, it has led to some interesting consulting opportunities with startups, nonprofits, and impact investment funds. It also led me to overseeing curriculum for Thinktomi—an entrepreneurship education startup. Designing, facilitating, and teaching aspects of Silicon Valley entrepreneurship is exciting. And in the long run, I believe it helps to inform and expand my knowledge and network for exploring social innovation.


An App?

We have also been exploring new ways to deliver content including a mobile app or e-booklet. Would love any feedback on what you would like to see and formats that are easiest to consume. It is a bit of an undertaking, but not impossible by any means.

Here is wishing you an amazing year ahead. We look forward to another year of exploring social innovation together!


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