Meet Unmesh and Hetal

How important is measuring impact to you?

Well, to husband-wife team Unmesh and Hetal Sheth finding better ways to help companies and organizations measure social impact is their life’s work.Unmesh and Hetal Sheth, SoPact and Ektta

This episode of The Innov8social Podcast features a conversation with Unmesh and Hetal, who each lead the for-profit and non-profit entities of a tandem social initiative focused impact measurement. Unmesh Sheth, is a software engineer with over 25 years of experience in Silicon Valley who has spent the last few years focusing on launching social impact entities, SoPact and Ektaa.

Founded in 2013, SoPact is a social enterprise that delivers software tools to enable organizations and companies to effectively track, measure, and grow their impact. SoPact’s goal is to better support the social sector and catalyze long-term change and sustainable models which transform the lives of our businesses, investors and beneficiaries.

Ektaa is the non-profit, led by Hetal Sheth, and provides strategic planning and knowledge sharing to other nonprofits to help develop metrics, capacity, and transparency related to impact. Ektta, (pronounced as ek-ta) means “unity” in Hindi/Gujarati and is also an acronym for Employment Knowledge & Technology Transfer Access.

Hetal brings to her role decade of experience across the public healthcare, geriatrics and disability sectors. Her lens into the importance of measurement and tracking as a career pharmacist informs and


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More About Ektta

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  • Value proposition: “Ektta is a non-profit organization made up of cause-based staff and volunteers striving to preserve and sustain our community..”

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