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This episode of The Innov8social Podcast features an interview with Nika Quirk. Dr. Quirk holds a PhD in Transformative Studies Nika Quirkfrom the California Institute of Integral Studies, in addition to an MBA, and is an educator, coach, and core faculty member at at Meridian University’s Integral MBA in Creative Enterprise Program.

Nika addresses the emergence of new kinds of academic programs to support conscious leadership and the intersection with social entrepreneurship and social innovation. She reflects on her deep experience in related roles, and decades of work in arts, education, and improvisation.

Nika’s experience, career, and work show how arts, education, and leadership can converge to create meaning and value.


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More About Nika Quirk

  • Nika Quirk’s bio, as listed on the Meridian University website
  • Blog post by Nika, titled “Becoming a Scholar Practitioner,” on her work in Integral Studies
  • Video of Nika, that introduces a class session topic on business model canvas


More About Integral MBA at Meridian University

  • Website:
  • Value proposition: “The Meridian University MBA is integral in two important ways. First, it is how we teach the program. Our approach is based on principles of transformative learning where we honor the whole person – equipping the student with an integral mindset that takes on multiple perspectives, plus an integral skillset that provides competency in self-awareness, performing skillful actions, creating meaningful stakeholder relationships, and building effective systems. Second, it is what we teach in the program. Our curriculum is designed on principles of integral theory where we honor the whole system (organizational + social + environmental + global).”
  • Curriculum for Integral MBA
  • Video of President of Meridian University explains the Third Wave of Business and the Integral MBA program

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