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Meet the GoVoluntr Team: Young, MJ, Kevin, Stephen, Jonathan

GoVoluntr Team

This episode of The Innov8social Podcast features a unique interview. We sit down with the GoVolunteer team including: Young Han, MJ Fogelstrom, Kevin Zittle, Stephen Snyder, and Jonathan Gonzalez for an open discussion about challenges and realities successful early-stage social entrepreneurs face when growing and scaling their impact ideas and startups. Listen in to hear their stories of each of their journeys into the social impact space, the work of GoVoluntr, and the hackathon and big thinking that led to GoVoluntr’s current crowdfunding efforts.

GoVoluntr is a social network that connects volunteers, nonprofits, and businesses together into an engaging community of Do Goodrs. They match individuals with volunteer opportunities and track their service hours through our VID (Volunteer ID) system. GoVoluntr also works with local businesses to provide rewards for volunteers and also to offer company programs for employee volunteerism.



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More About Young, MJ, Kevin, Stephen, and Jonathan

More About GoVoluntr

  • Website:
  • Value proposition: “GoVoluntr is a social network that connects volunteers, non-profits, and businesses together into an engaging community of Do Goodrs.” GoVoluntr connects volunteers with volunteer opportunities, lets volunteers track their hours, and gamifies volunteerism by offering rewards provided by local businesses.
  • Employee Volunteer Program, GoVoluntr program to engage businesses and employees with volunteerism
  • Article in Content Magazine- “Professional DoGoodrs: How GoVoluntr is Making a Difference”
  • Register and start volunteering

More About How to Support GoVoluntr Version 3.0

  • Contribute to the crowdfunding effort!
  • Watch the video:


Here’s a behind-the-scenes video from recording the interview! Enjoy :)




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