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What happens when you are an athletic, driven college student headed toward medical school and you meet an unexpected Franco Silvalifeevent that changes your future. Franco Silva, Founder, CEO of Kizazi (and avid soccer fan) met that situation. Listen to how Franco reconciled a profound shift in his life with an inner desire to create impact to launch his social enterprise. Kizazi is a brand designed to mobilize soccer’s 3.5 billion fans to fight poverty on a global scale.

Franco is a recent graduate who spent much of his college career focusing on and preparing for a path in medicine, with an eye at surgery. However, when a life event shifted his path, both externally and internally, he turned to of his driving forces: creating impact and the game of soccer to launch a new startup called Kizazi.  His mission, and that of his company is to leverage the reach, traction, and power of soccer to fight poverty.

Kizazi is currently raising funds on Indiegogo to manufacture and distribute specialty soccer balls that are not only FIFA-certified but have also secured a FairTrade certification. With every purchase of a Kizazi Ball, and any future Kizazi product, the company plans to put a portion of the profits into the Kizazi Fund–which will then make microloans to address the roots of poverty.

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  • Website:
  • Value proposition: Kizazi is building a unique soccer brand that will enable the company to disperse globla microloans, to empower wealth creation through business and innovation, helping individuals raise themselves out of poverty.
  • Kizazi Video– “Explaining the concept of fighting poverty through  strategy and intelligence
  • The Kizazi Fund Explained, “The Key Is Intelligent Giving : This is what sets us apart
  • Article in Pinterest, – “Article on Kizazi Fund


Kizazi Campaign on Indiegogo

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