1st Podcast Hackathon for creative media storytellers hosted by Innov8social


We have learned SO MUCH about podcasting in the past year, and especially in the past few weeks. If there is something we wish we had a chance to do before launching our podcast—it is to ‘try out’ working on the creative the technology aspects of hosting a podcast.

So, we are creating a solution for YOU!

Here is an opportunity to work in small teams, use specific instructions, and then be let loose to identify problems, create solutions, collaborate…and pitch your podcast solution to a team of judges….all VIRTUALLY!

The reason we are doing this virtually is to allow teams to work and collaborate even if they are geographically not in the same area. Also, so much of audio work is about equipment and tools—all of which sometimes happens more easily when using your own audio setup.

Because it’s the first time and we want it to be an AMAZING experience, we are limiting participation to 30 individuals (who can then work in teams of 1-3).

So, are you READY??!! We are so excited and can’t wait to see the creativity and new ideas.

All participants will receive a digital certificate of participation and winners (selected by judges) will receive a cash prize.



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