In this episode we go to New Delhi, India, to talk to Nidhi Singh, a reporter-turned ecofashion designer-turned media founder about her impact journey and about India’s new CSR initiative that requires companies of a certain size to contribute to corporate social responsibility. It’s the only country to pass this kind of law, and now with over a year since its introduction we get to hear about how that is creating impact.

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Meet Nidhi Singh

Nidhi is an experienced television journalist, broadcaster, and entrepreneur. She has reported for well-known Indian news stations including Star News, reporting on lifestyle, fashion, and trends.

This led to founding Indigreen— a fair-trade, organic clothing label and then launching The Green People of India (TGPI), a collective of sustainable enterprises in the country.


She is the Founding Executive Editor of–based in New Delhi India– which is developing as a dynamic platform for news, discussion, and trends in global corporate social responsibility.


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Show Notes

  • Nidhi mentions that it has been a year since the Indian CSR mandate became law, here is a Score Card, CSRLive published to show the progress

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