In this episode of The Impact Podcast by Innov8social, we are back with Nyna Pais Caputi to pick up from our conversation nearly a year ago. Since that time, her impact film “Petals in the Dust” has had its world premiere and has screened at theaters across the country. Here, Nyna opens up about the process and perseverance it takes to submit to film festivals and get the word out about the film. She also discusses her entrepreneurial endeavors with The Expat Woman and her advice to impact entrepreneur filmmakers.


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Back with Nyna Pais Caputi


Nyna is a filmmaker, a startup founder, blogger and speaker on gender violence, startups, cross-cultural skills, diversity and expat life.

She recently completed her first feature-length documentary ‘Petals In The Dust: The Endangered Indian Girls’​ which premiered at the San Francisco Documentary Festival. Her work on this film included doing extensive research on gender discrimination and violence in Indian and globally.

Nyna also founded the Global Walk for India’s Missing Girls in 2010, an international awareness campaign on gender discrimination and violence in India, which has taken place in over 25 cities and five countries.

She is also the founder of The Expat Woman and Pitch2Sharks, a monthly pitch for startup founders in San Francisco.

Show Notes

Here are a few interviews and articles mentioned in this episode.

More About Nyna Pais Caputi


More About “Petals in the Dust”

  • Website:
  • Brief summary: Petals in the Dust: The Endangered Indian Girls examines the condition of an endangered class of people living in one of the most populous, culturally and economic vibrant countries: modern India.”
  • Video trailer
  • List of screenings

More About The Expat Woman

  • Website:
  • Value proposition: “Designed for women from all over the globe who have moved to the US recently, lived here for a while or are planning to move here, with the goal of helping international women connect with each other, share stories on how to navigate the USA and achieve their dreams.”
  • Event listings, for The Expat Woman on Meetup


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