What does it mean to immerse yourself in an experience? Meet Natasha Parekh, Program Manager at Leaders’ Quest, which creates immersive global experiences in social enterprise. We hear not only her story into the social impact space but how the social enterprise has grown to span 14 countries and a fellowship program.


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Meet Natasha Parekh

No two social impact journeys are the same. Take Natasha—from education work experience firmly rooted in marketing and PR, her journey to the social impact space came quite coincidentally. In her words it has opened up new potential and possibility in the role innovation can play in creating global change.

Born in India, Natasha has lived, studied, and spent time in Dubai, US, and UK. She Completed an MSc in Marketing at Manchester Business School. Having worked in PR and even under the Mayor of London during the London 2012 Olympics, in the past few years her work and career have taken a sharp pivot toward social impact.

In 2013, Natasha joined Leaders’ Quest, a social enterprise that creates immersive, experiential experiences for global leaders. She has since designed and delivered Quests across the globe including Brazil, China, Cuba, and India.

Her work is intertwined with social impact and she spends much of her days planning, designing, and immersing herself in the social impact and social entrepreneurship space.


Show Notes

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