It was the idea of combining two powerful concepts of entrepreneurship and social cause that inspired the start of Innov8Social. And though Innov8Social launched in 2011, the concepts have been marinating for much longer.One such concept that has shaped this site is the idea of for-profit entities that are also committed to doing good. And the more we have learned about the B/benefit corporation movement, the more compelling it has become. It is the start of a conversation on sustainable enterprise that will no doubt be epic and that has the potential to change the way we see and do business.

California’s version of the benefit corporation legislation is AB 361. And perhaps what is most appealing is the simplicity and unintrusiveness of the bill. It is voluntary—a choice for boards of directors to discuss, and for shareholders to decide.

If anything, AB 361 is starting this chat with a question…if we create a new type of business to recognize social enterprise, will they come?

Passing AB 361 lets this question be asked to California businesses and consumers. Read below to read Innov8Social’s letter of support for AB 361 to Governor Jerry Brown.

Letter of Support for AB 361
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