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One of the boons of attending a conference like Social Capital Markets (SOCAP11, more here) is connecting with others who are in a similar space of work. You know you have at least one thing in common, you’re here too. And you won’t know what you will learn from them until you strike up a conversation. For example, I learned about the Do Lectures from a fellow SOCAP-er. (Hat tip @CivicSponsor — check out the website & concept,

What are the Do Lectures? The Do Lectures is a weekend of talks held in Wales, England with a fairly intimate group (i.e. 80 attendees, 30 speakers in the 2011 event) in which there are talks by people who have been nominated by virtue of their success and inspire-ability in areas such as business, design, environment, food, sports, technology, and health.

It was launched in 2008 by David and Clare Hieatt (creators of the popular UK active, organic clothing line howies). And the Do Lectures had their first U.S. session this past September, aptly named Do USA 2011.

As described by one of the founders:

“The idea is a simple one— that people who Do things can inspire the rest of us to go and Do things, too. So each year we invite a set of people down here to come and tell us what they Do.” – DAVID HIEATT


With a sizeable sticker price in the range of $3000 (plus transportation) making the trip is a commitment. As explained on the website, the cost pays for the resources required to record and put the Do Lectures online, free for anyone to view.

Is it worth it?

Any social entrepreneur will tell you that determining the value of any event or opportunity is purely subjective. You may gain loads from free event, from volunteering, or from a chat over coffee. But sometimes, to reach the next level in your field, you have to dig deep. In your pockets and in your commitment to finding and making opportunities worthwhile.

I haven’t been to the Do Lectures…but here’s how @CivicSponsor describes it in tweet:

Someone once asked me, “Are the  worth it?” It’s simple: sell your car, go to the . It’s worth it (and bikes rule). – @CivicSponsor

Do on iTunes

Want to experience the wow factor of Do Lectures. Lucky you, they’re posted online. I had the best luck in listening and watching on my smartphone through iTunes.

Feel free to share your favorite Do Lectures below.

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