Social innovation is often associated with social entrepreneurs who launch ventures that aim to create discernible change, with a smart business model.
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But what about job-seekers who are looking to work at social enterprises?
As the field of social innovation emerges and takes shapes, there are new roles and opportunities available to support the field.
Here are a few resources for job seekers looking for jobs in the social innovation realm. Note: this list is a mashup of links, ideas, places, and activities to help you find a social innovation job. Feel free to suggest others via the comments section.
How To Find a Social Innovation Job
  1. GreenJobSearch
  2. GivetoGetJobs
  3. Idealist
  4. Volunteer
  5. Network at a social innovation event
  6. Write about social innovation topics you are interested in
  7. Social innovation fellowship programs
  8. Informational interviews
  9. Organize an event for the social innovation community
  10. Freelance writing
  11. B Corporation Job Board
  12. Contact individuals with your credentials
  13. Intern at a social venture
  14. Go back to school for a degree or certification in a social innovation field
  15. Green Jobs Network
  16. Ask for an introduction, or introduce others in the field
  17. Join the Hub
  18. Attend a social innovation conference
  19. Work or volunteer at a social innovation conference
  20. Build a social innovation IQ
  21. Follow Social Capital Markets on Twitter
  22. Search for #socent #jobs on Twitter
  23. Build a niche skill relevant to social enterprise
  24. Follow NextBillion on Twitter
  25. Talk about social innovation over coffee
  26. Re-think about “work” as multiple jobs & projects vs. a single “day job”
  27. Travel abroad
  28. Teach
  29. LinkedIn Job search
  30. Read posts on SocialEarth, and write
  31. Watch the Do Lectures on iTunes, then do something
  32. Create a social innovation resume, show how you strive for the triple bottom line
  33. Update your LinkedIn profile
  34. Explore ways to create passive income so you can work, and your resources can work for you
  35. Start a social business so you can employ yourself and be a social employer
  36. Search on Indeed
  37. Monster, search for social innovation jobs
  38. Be willing to move anywhere
  39. Contact a professor doing social innovation research, find out if you help
  40. flexjobs
  41. Craigslist jobs, gigs, volunteering
  42. Develop your public speaking skills
  43. Bookmark careers page for 10 foundations, check back regularly for postings
  44. Find other social innovation job seekers—meet & discuss job search strategies (Meetup)
  45. Read books on the subject, develop ability to evaluate social innovation content
  46. Choose one social issue you are passionate about and do 5 things to alleviate the issue
* updated 11/3/11

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