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Wpromote published this illustrative infographic on how brands leverage social media to create social impact. Google.org, TOMS shoes, Pepsi, OneHope, and Acai Spirit are featured here.

These statistics can be a powerful tool in engaging supporters to champion brands not only through purchases but also through social media. The challenge can become articulating and distributing a compelling narrative that can connect the dots on how social media popularity results in actual social impact.

As of September 2010 TOMS shoes gave away 1M pairs of shoes—with over 1M likes on Facebook. There’s not a direct relation—but as a potential FB fan that is a compelling narrative for how ‘likes’ might be translating to action.

While TOMS has built a brand deeply rooted in a social mission, the infographic also serves to show how popular consumer-facing brands such as Pepsi may be committing more resources to social good projects than most people consider. With over 5M Facebook likes and 100K+ Twitter followers in 2010, Pepsi invested over $20M in improvement projects.

Social Good: Taking Social Media to Social Action
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